In January, xi ‘an’s housing price was 18,656 yuan per square meter

2022-07-11 0 By

Just now, Kelui Shaanxi released January Shaanxi housing price map.Data showed that in January, the price of new houses in Xi ‘an was 18,656 yuan per square meter, up 9.64 percent month-on-month.By region, eight regions showed a rising trend in January, among which the south of the city saw the highest increase rate of 26.84%, with an average price of 20,910 yuan per square meter.Next are the west and north of the city.In terms of prices, the region with the highest average price in January was the Pan-High-tech sector, with an average price of 23,241 yuan per square meter.Followed by soil gate plate, Chanba plate and Qujiang phase ii.The plates with lower average price are Jinghe New City plate, Xinjiamiao plate, Fenghe Road plate, Beikezhan plate and Qinhan New City plate.