China Unicom has guaranteed full 5G coverage of the opening ceremony venues of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games

2022-07-11 0 By

E: The reporter learned from China Unicom that the Bird’s Nest, as the venue for the opening ceremony of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games, has achieved full 5G coverage after China Unicom’s careful planning and deployment.At the opening ceremony, China Unicom’s 5G network met the needs of the audience and cast and crew of nearly 40,000 people to send and receive short videos, make video calls and live broadcast online, as well as the audience’s immersive live experience.It is reported that The Mobile network team of China Unicom has created an advanced 5G network covering the ultimate capacity for the Bird’s Nest, which has improved its 5G capacity by more than 20 times compared with 4G, fully meeting the 5G network experience of the core athletes and the requirements of tens of thousands of spectators.