AC Milan see hope for top spot!Insigne hits, inter midfield loses control, 1-1 Napoli!

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Today is no longer the bianconeri Juventus serie a’s era, after inter milan won the champions league last season, to officially declare into the situation of the serie a, open the new season, inter milan, AC milan and napoli have demonstrated the strength of the title, in the top twenty four league home-country crowd,Inter are at the top of the table with a game in hand, but they are only one point ahead of napoli and AC Milan, and the race for the Serie A title has reached a dead heat.Among 25 matches, inter milan and napoli play, after the game start, Naples, made a dream start, because the west’s penalty early in the scoring for the home team built up a lead, but the nerazzurri in the second half is stroke, dzeko’s volley let both sides to return to the same starting line, the next game,The two teams attacked and defended each other, but were unable to score again and drew 1-1.Napoli in the league this season after curtain, once with unbeaten record in the lead in the championship, but after the main first-choice striker for his injury, the team’s offensive firepower, but back in the main, they showed a strong rise, in the middle of the game and the top of the premiership title race,Osmein showed his worth early in the game when he took the ball inside the Inter box and devry knocked him down in a challenge. The referee then looked back at the VAR and awarded napoli a penalty as Signe made it 1-0.12 minutes Naples opportunity attack once again created a very threatening, ze Adam galinsky of the area in the big long shots, hit the post out of the line and escaped the inter of milan, was spared the nerazzurri in the 36th minute formed half most threat attack, sich perry’s cross found dzeko, his shot deflected out under the condition of header quality is not high,In the arms of the Napoli goalkeeper.First half performance is not very good dzeko, in the second half after open, just return the trust of the boss with a goal, the nerazzurri won 47 minutes attacking throw-in, fatigue tarot martinez on the cross, dzeko header though hasn’t been able to eat is part of the line of confusion, but caused the napoli dzeko box chance small Angle volley,Helped the defending champion level the score at 1-1.Midfielder out of control is the biggest problem in the game international milan, this is also lead to a total of only have created the cause of the five shots, but napoli is a bigger threat on the offensive end, the team completed a total of 14 feet, fortunately hangda Norwich it state, covering the opponent’s goal, to the defending champions from road away precious one.Table top two inter milan and napoli shaking hands, AC milan for the rossoneri is undoubtedly the best ending, the first round of league, AC milan will face sampdoria in the middle and lower reaches of the premier league, if able to triumph at home, the top serie a league, the rossoneri will thus will top the initiative in their own hands!Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to the blossom on sports