Where can I get the COVID-19 vaccine during Spring Festival?Please keep this guide

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The current situation of COVID-19 prevention and control is still grim and complex. To protect yourself and your family, get vaccinated against COVID-19.Establishing an immune barrier By vaccination, an immune barrier can be established in a population to stop the sustained transmission of the Novel Coronavirus.When injected into the body, the vaccine stimulates the immune system to produce antibodies to the Novel Coronavirus, thereby preventing and reducing the risk of severe illness and death.After a “booster shot” vaccination, immune protection diminishes over time.In order for the body to maintain strong immunity, it is necessary to vaccinate again according to the immune characteristics of different vaccines.Data from multiple clinical trials and real global studies have shown that, six months after completion of full COVID-19 vaccination, the immunity of some coronavirus recipients to novel coronavirus infections has decreased and the incidence of infection has increased, requiring booster immunization.At present, the vaccines that can be used to implement enhanced immunization include inactivated vaccines from Sinopac Beijing Co., LTD, Sinopac Wuhan Co., LTD and adenovirus vector vaccines from Tianjin Concino Co., LTD.According to the needs of epidemic prevention and control, people aged 18 and above who have received the above vaccines for at least six months can be vaccinated with enhanced immunization.(1) Those who are allergic to the active ingredient, any inactive ingredient or substance used in the production process of the vaccine, or those who have been allergic to similar vaccines before;(2) Those who have experienced severe allergic reactions to vaccines in the past (such as acute allergic reactions, angoneeurotic edema, dyspnea, etc.);(3) patients with uncontrolled epilepsy and other serious neurological diseases (such as transverse myelitis, Guillain-Barre syndrome, demyelinating diseases, etc.);(4) a person who has a fever, or is suffering from an acute disease, or an acute episode of a chronic disease, or a serious and uncontrolled chronic disease;(5) pregnant women;(6) Other taboos listed in the manual.4. What should be paid attention to after inoculation?After inoculation, people can live a normal life, but should pay attention to rest, avoid fatigue, drink more water, pay attention to light diet, do not eat seafood and other foods that are easy to induce allergies.After inoculation, you can take a bath, but do not immerse the inoculation site in water. Keep the skin of the inoculation area clean and avoid scratching the inoculation site by hand. It is recommended not to do strenuous exercise for one week after inoculation.After vaccination, protective measures such as wearing masks, washing hands frequently and maintaining social distancing are still necessary.5. What do experts say about vaccination against COVID-19?Zhang Wenhong, Director of the National Medical Center for Infectious Diseases and The Department of Infectious Diseases at Huashan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University: With the increase in the number of vaccine injections, the fatality rate of the elderly in different age groups decreased accordingly.According to the UK Health Safety Agency (UKHSA), if not vaccinated, omicron has a case-fatality rate of 0.03% in people under 60, similar to seasonal flu;The case fatality rate of Omicron increased with age, from 2.65% for those aged 60-69 who were not vaccinated, to 8.87% for those aged 70-79 who were not vaccinated, and 21.54% for those aged 80 and older who were not vaccinated.With two doses of vaccine, the case fatality rate was reduced to 0.02%, 1.02%, 5.64% and 13.07%.With three doses of vaccine, the case fatality rate was reduced to 0.0086%, 0.09%, 0.42% and 2.61%.Can I still get COVID-19 vaccine during Spring Festival?How is the place and time of vaccination arranged?During the Spring Festival holiday, a number of vaccination sites in The city remain open to provide COVID-19 vaccination services for citizens.Nanjing CDC reminds the general public that vaccination combined with effective personal protection is still the most effective means of COVID-19 prevention and control.Specific vaccination site and vaccination schedule??Q&a on booster shot of COVID-19 vaccine?(sliding view all) timely vaccination build release of nanjing public health barrier number dialog replies keywords list of nucleic acid testing institutions for nanjing area 24 hours reply for nanjing area during the Spring Festival nucleic acid detection sampling service point list reply to obtain a list of medical institutions set up fever clinics in nanjing sources dynamic, health nanjing edit | China CDC| | GuiYu proofreading Qian Yiyu coordinating editor | Pan Tao