B station Bilibili animation UWP client 2.14.75 official update

2022-07-10 0 By

Bilibili Animation UWP has now released the official version of the v2.14.75 update, which fixes the issue of the last version of the bullet screen switch.Bilibili Animation UWP supports CC subtitles, fixes black and white issues, and fixes infinite buffering issues in v2.14.74.The official group announcement said that this version has a bullet screen switch problem, has been changed to V2.14.75 release.Bilibili bullet Screen is a well-known video sharing website in China, IT Home learned.From 2016, Bilibili Animation Windows 10 UWP client is available on Microsoft App Store, originally developed by Shadow Guitarist.From 2021, bilibili Animation UWP official client was officially accepted by B station, and development and update.According to previous information, Bilibili Animation Win11/10 UWP version will gradually support the following functions:Support top window playback support live streaming support offline video support seamless switching resolution support advanced functions of bullet screen, such as bullet screen thumbs-up support coin, thumbs-up and favorites support playing in-page personal space page panel support in-app video payment support interactive video support panoramic video support HEVC support Dolby VisionDolby Sound support HDR support Xbox 4K support ARM64