The stratagy of Sheng Fangting in the Original novel This Life Has You (2)

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ShengFang court static for selfless assistance and premeditated dialogue, which makes about static very grateful, and himself in the NieYuSheng also told him the reason of break up, and ShengFang court after successful close to talk about static, is equal to each node of the plan he has arranged, so he quit his job to put together these key nodes, call nie home to a set of serial killing,He should not only let nie home no chance to fight back, but also let Nie home disgrace, from now on can not climb up.ShengFang court’s first moves was to report NieDong as far away as the Hong Kong securities market insider trading, it directly let NieDongYuan was take investigation and limit the exit, so temporarily can’t leave Hong Kong returned to the mainland, and Hong Kong’s securities and futures commission on insider trading investigation is very strict, if proved to have such behavior, nie he will be in prison, so ShengFang court against NieDongYuan,It was aimed at the Dongwon Group.If big boss was detained after a far eastern group, NieYuSheng the prince only crustily skin of head, although NieDongYuan and group, let his heart very anxious, but NieYuSheng didn’t panic, as a surgeon, calm, let he began to clear geographical clear train of thought, but he is really don’t understand to the group’s business operations, and in the face of danger,The directors and the senior management of the group all put their moral integrity in the first place, so Nie yusheng was responsible for everything by himself.This time NieYuSheng thought of ShuQin, because human resource ShuQin do, so he hopes ShuQin can find a senior enterprise managers, to help them overcome difficulties, but ShuQin suddenly want to find such people have difficulty, but ShuQin thought of a person – ShengFang court, she’ll give NieYuSheng ShengFang court referrals,At this time, Sheng Fangting was playing his second game, which was also a kill move.This was done in Nie Yusheng’s hospital. At first, Tan Jing’s son Sun Ping was going to have CM surgery, but it was not done due to various reasons. Now another child has CM surgery, but the implanted heart repair material rejected, and the child died in vain.Finally, nie Yusheng did not allow his own son to undergo CM surgery, but let other people’s children do the experiment.ShengFang division of the second move on at the same time, ShuQin really gave NieYuSheng ShengFang court referrals, though they used to be known, but this is work cooperation form into the far eastern group, this is the real “that,” for ShengFang court, he must enter the far eastern group, only in this way can defeat nie from inside the group home, his plan is so perfect.At this time nie Yusheng really did not know that everything was planned by Sheng Fangting, and even Shu Qin was just a pawn in his plan. Shu Qin was very angry when she knew about Sheng Fangting’s plot, but what could she do?We can’t help but ask: what are the consequences of sheng Fangting’s moves?Could there be a fourth move after another?So what’s the fourth tip?# TV has you in my life