The Leica Premium watch, priced at 13,500 euros, will go on sale in February

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Leica has long been known for its first-class photography in the high-end field.Every product developed with leica or Leica carries the leica signature charm.Drawing on 150 years of fame, the brand has just announced two new additions to its classic leica collection, the Leica L1 and L2 premium watches.Leica calls the watches “two extraordinary timepieces with patented push-ups” because they draw inspiration from engineering marvels made by Vetzlar.The look of the watch was conceived by Professor Achim Heine, who has designed many Leica products in the past, giving him a deep understanding of the company’s aesthetic principles.As such, the Leica L1 and L2 contain subtle references to iconic features of Leica’s rich history.Examples include the delicate needle design and application index, the intricate shape of the stainless steel case, the special knurling on the crown, and the domed watch glass that recalls elements on the front of a camera lens.Both models are equipped with a newly developed manual chain mechanical movement.The movement is visible through a transparent back made of elastic sapphire crystal to keep the watch scratch resistant.Maintaining the “Made in Germany” designation is extremely important to Leica, which is why the company has formed a partnership with Lehmann Prazision GmbH.As a result, most of the movement and watch components are developed and manufactured in Lehmann’s factory in the Black Forest region of Germany, in order to ensure superior vertical manufacturing levels, leica notes.As for the watch specs, Leica shares that both models have a number of specs, such as the 50M 5 ATM waterproof, but the Leica L2 is the more expensive sibling and has several upgrades over the Leica L1.Currently, Leica watches are only available in seven selected markets: China, Singapore, Japan, the United States, Austria, Russia and the United Arab Emirates.These watches will also cost you a hand with the Leica L1 priced at €9,500 (INR 813,000) and the Leica L2 at €13,500 (INR 1,155 million).# Leica # For more highlights, follow Sichuan people in Hong Kong