Boy if delicate up, can really have no girl what matter?

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Do boys need to pay attention to elegance?A lot of people think delicate is the thing that the girl wants to pursue, the boy can rely on a more along with unruly attitude, easily win in wearing.But it’s not. Although personal attitude can help shape personal style, for most people, a little refinement is a lot more flattering than an obsession with personal style.It’s not about buying expensive items, it’s about choosing the right ones. Most of us don’t have the sophistication in our everyday clothes.It’s possible that the overall sophistication of your outfit hasn’t changed since you bought one new item after another.If you want to add some sophistication to your everyday wardrobe, read on!One, increase the degree of refinement of the single product.The first items to get rid of are jeans and sweatpants, which are undoubtedly versatile and comfortable, but are also the worst in the street, and the hardest to pull off.In round after round of new clothes, always use jeans to match, natural is new clothes also wear a new idea.For the lower clothing items to improve the degree of refinement, xiaobian thinks that white wide-leg pants, or white pants made of jeans can also be used, this kind of pants are still versatile, so we can be very good and their own existing items together, perfect digestion.And it is not so everyday, can wear a new idea, white pieces can also be a good color to enhance the overall wear to reduce the dull feeling.Black pants are also more refined than jeans and are a good way to avoid getting dirty and unwashed.But it should be noted that the material is soft, with a sense of draping black pants have some “exquisite” sense, like black jeans pants or sports pants can not increase the effect of delicacy.The most professional and elegant type of pants is the suit pants. The material of the suit pants is quite special. Even the thin suit pants will have a silhouette, which will make the wear look more textured.There is a certain conflict between leisure and delicacy. The single product with a stronger sense of leisure is bound to be not so delicate. It is possible to judge the single product with delicacy from this point.Two, fold wear.Compared with single wear, the most obvious difference lies in the details will be more, more hierarchical sense, and this “deliberately” sense also reflects the feeling of heart collocation, so it can also improve the exquisite degree of wearing.One of the most suitable way for everyone to try on a daily basis is to fold vests, whether short sleeves or long sleeves or shirts can be folded vests to increase the richness of the match.In terms of coat items, sweaters and knitted items are more delicate than cotton hoodie T-shirts, so when choosing coats or folding items, you can also choose sweaters and knitted items instead of hoodie coats.Especially in the autumn and winter, this kind of sheet more atmosphere sense, also can appear the whole person more gentle and elegant atmosphere sense.In the selection of version, the most important point lies in the difference between the neckline, there are round collar and V collar points, the former is more universal, regardless of age temperament can wear, while the latter is more suitable for some of the temperament elegant boys to wear.Because the v-neck style is slightly more feminine.The jacket choice is good, as well as fold wear well, the overall wear will be more bright.However, the essence of wearing is still the whole. When folding, we should not only consider the collocation of jacket, but also treat the single item as a whole to wear more soul, and to wear a personal vibe.The whole outfit needs to have a key point, such as the vertical stripes in the picture, and the overall style is casual with a certain degree of sophistication.Therefore, there are subtle vertical lines in both the jacket and the bottom, which also lays the overall sense of detail and harmony. Secondly, the version of the clothes is chosen to be neat and short, and the color is relatively mild, so it will not be too casual.People who pay attention to their clothes will naturally have some favorite bloggers. Before they have fully formed their own style, they can start by imitating their favorite clothes.The first is to analyze the blogger overall wear that clue, that is, the key word, and then clear the overall style.From these two aspects to imitate, than copy the style to be more intelligent, in place!3. Wrong demonstration and correct solution of mixing and matching.Recreational and exquisite always cannot hold concurrently, a collocation wants to be recreational to want delicate to spend again impossibly already.For instance this in the graph is worn build, will match sport pants, tall tube sneaker with the coat, its optional feeling destroyed upper body completely some delicate degree, belong to disorderly build.The mistake with this outfit was the choice of the wrong shoes. It’s not uncommon to see espadrilles folded into suits, nor does it necessarily mean they don’t look good.But it is impossible to match canvas shoes with a plaid suit of this kind of retro color. One slants retro and one slants modern and casual, essentially colliding with style.Correct mix build depends on holding a key style, blend in other style again can be to maintain not to destroy already style only, and as a little small ornament also or it is to say pondering will blend in.More haste, less speed, more loss, in the dress is also the same, can wear a color, can wear a style of good people have been the winner.