Unprecedented main torch platform!BOE (BOE) Innovation and Technology bloom “Snowflakes”

2022-07-08 0 By

On February 4th, the winter ice and snow sports event officially opened.At the opening ceremony, the most eye-catching giant “snowflake” shaped main torchbearer slowly lifted off with glittering and translucent light. With the lighting of the torch, the atmosphere of the whole opening ceremony was pushed to a climax. The global audience was amazed by its beauty and romance.This unprecedented “snowflake” form of the main torch platform, both the overall hardware support and software system are independently developed and designed by BOE.It is understood that the main torch platform diameter of 14.89 meters, by 96 small snowflake shape and 6 pieces of olive branch shape OF LED double-sided screen creative composition, the use of double-sided hollow design, embedded with more than 550,000 LED beads, each lamp beads are driven by a single channel independent control chip.For the implementation of directors cauldron like the creative concept of “bright diamonds shine”, to indicate (BOE) core r&d team by more than 500 design drawings and nearly 10 rounds of sample preparation, the development of current industry shiny surface the most narrow controlled single pixel special-shaped display products, fully present the snow line feeling and exquisite picture display effect,Successfully turned the artistic ideas of the director group into reality.Lit the torch at that moment, a giant snowflakes screen around from the center to radiate, progressive transformation of bright light shines with waves, rapid transformation, behind perfect synchronous display, USES is to indicate (BOE) AIoT technology system and the independent research and development of asynchronous compatible with/E-mail system, asynchronous can control in a very short period of time will be large-scale video content quickly,Synchronous centralized control ensures that 102 double-sided screens realize millisecond response;In addition, the “main road + loop” backup high redundancy control system ensures the high reliability of the torch station broadcast control system.At the same time, by adopting LoRa (remote radio) low delay control system with synchronous playback time correction technology, to further ensure that the instruction is delivered without any mistake, to achieve perfect coordination of video pictures, so that “Snowflake” in the opening ceremony amazing display.