The reporter “transforms” the sanitation worker to feel their hardship and not easy with the first Angle of view

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During the holiday, many people are immersed in the joy of the New Year, catching up with friends or getting together with family, but there are a group of people who are the first to greet the sunshine in the city, the ones who ride through the traffic alone, and are one of the creators of the beautiful life in the city.This Spring Festival, the reporters of Dushan Rong Media Center “changed into” sanitation workers and delivery workers, experienced their front-line work, recorded their pain and happiness with the first perspective, truly felt their hardships, and experienced their ordinary but extraordinary day.Today, our reporter will “transform” into a sanitation worker and visit mo Chaoxue, an “urban beautician” who has been working on the front line of sanitation for 20 years.Experience location: At 5:30 a.m. in Zhongnan Square, it is still dark and dark. Only by dim street lamps can we see the road clearly. Sporadic vehicles will roar by the roadside from time to time.Into the central South square, the reporter heard the “brush” sweeping the floor, Aunt Mo has started the day’s work.Aunt Mo, whose name is Mo Chaoxue, has been working as a sanitation worker for 20 years. She is mainly responsible for cleaning the Area of Zhongnan Square. The day shift is from 5:30 am to 12:00 noon, and the night shift is from 12:00 noon to 6:00 PM.As the square is the first choice of citizens for entertainment and fitness after dinner, the flow of people and cars is large, which brings many challenges to her cleaning work.Mo in the snow tells a reporter, a road or each leg of the square is in the charge of a sanitation worker, but her husband always help me at the time of pickup rubbish, to reduce their workload, “during the Spring Festival, square foot traffic is increased, the peak, not to be able to clean their, have personal help, efficiency will improve a lot.”Mo chaoxue said that during holidays, everyone’s work only increases, sometimes they need to go to the post in advance to clean up the leaves before 8 o ‘clock, to ensure that the city’s appearance is not affected.In the process of talking with Mo Chao Xue, the reporter also picked up a broom to join the cleaning.After more than an hour of work, the garbage on the square has become a pile of “hills”, Aunt Mo’s lover has also come to help, garbage loading, the reporter saw that many garbage cans next to the garbage is not thrown into the bucket, but directly thrown on the ground, again increased the workload of sanitation workers.Mo Chaoxue told reporters that such scattered garbage can only be moved to the car bit by bit, and some small garbage also need to be re-swept with a broom, which makes the cleaning work is always repeated, “every time after cleaning in the morning, we have to carry out follow-up cleaning work to ensure that the square is clean and clean.”At 7 a.m., the city “wakes up” from the dark night, and the square is gradually becoming brighter. The garbage, such as cigarette butts, fruit peelings and paper scraps, which were scattered on the ground, are cleaned up, and the surrounding sanitation environment takes on a new look. Citizens also start a new day.At this point, taking advantage of the gap, Mo Chaoxue can rest until eight o ‘clock, then began the daytime cycle cleaning work.The relevant person in charge of dushan sanitation workstation tells a reporter, because fewer, workload is big, station workers are basically all year round, hold on his post, environmental health of cleaning area along the circuit cleaning, dutifully maintaining the city clean, neat, service the broad masses.Early in the morning cleaning work, the reporter is the whole body ache, look at Aunt Mo, but she is still familiar with the road, agile movement, in countless sunrise did not reach the night, she has been through repeated cleaning action honed a pair of “copper hand iron arm”.Throughout the year, no matter it is windy, rainy or cold winter, Mo Chaoxue and her colleagues can always be seen in various places of Dushan. They get up from morning to night and dress up the beautiful Dushan with their hard sweat.Reporter’s note: after this morning sweep experience, reporters feel the “Mo toward the snow” is not easy.I hope we can form a good habit in the future, don’t throw garbage everywhere, try to bag the garbage, throw it into the trash can, reduce the amount of sanitation workers’ work, together to maintain the city clean and tidy.(Bai Yudi, Wei Zongbin, Dushan Rong Media Center intern: Xiang Chunwei Jiayu)