Since joining the army that year, I realized my mother’s missing and care

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Many people may have had such experience: when they are around their mothers, they are used to their mothers’ love and care;When I am not around my mother, I slowly realize my mother’s thoughts and concerns.My experience began when I was a soldier.In late autumn and early winter of 1985, I was drafted into the army and came to Shangchuan Island in Guangdong province.We landed on the island in a boat, took shelter in a cave, and began a 100-day training program for new recruits.After landing on the island, I, like other comrades in arms, quickly sent the first letter home to my parents to say I was safe.At that time, transport and communication conditions on Kamikawa Island were very backward.Some 20 days later, the families of my fellow soldiers received letters of safety, but my parents did not.A mother is worried when she walks a thousand miles.I was my mother’s “old boy” and had never left my hometown before joining the army.Mother day and night care, eat not sweet, sleep restless.At first she would walk to the brigade office every day and ask if there had been any letters from me.After seven or eight days of running and still no letter, mother began to run directly to the post office.From the village to the village, it is necessary to cross a kilometre river gully depression and walk two kilometres of dirt road.My mother ran on for another week, but still didn’t hear from me. She couldn’t hold on any longer.At the village post office, mother burst into tears.While crying, she went to the secretary zhang of the Township People’s Armed Forces department and asked, half beseeching and half blaming, “Where have you taken my child?It couldn’t have been lost on the way…”At home, mother began to berate father again.My father couldn’t sit still. He went to four villages to find the parents of several fellow soldiers and asked them to write to their sons to find out about me.More than 40 days later, I learned of this situation, immediately asked for leave, ran two kilometers island mountain road, to the island post office to send a telegram to my parents.Received “safe to the team, please do not miss” the telegram, the mother felt at ease.My sister told me that two years before I left as a soldier, my mother often sat alone in the field and wept secretly because she missed and worried about me.During the Spring Festival of the first year after I left China as a soldier, a nephew from the same village who was serving as a soldier in Beijing came home to visit his relatives and pay a New Year call to his mother.When the mother saw her nephew in uniform, she hugged him and cried, saying, “I miss my son…”Later, programmed telephones were installed on the island.I made a pact with my mother that I could call her every Saturday night after the news was broadcast.On Saturdays, my mother would have an early dinner and trot to a concession stand in downtown To wait for my call.As soon as the phone rang, my mother’s loving voice would be heard on the other end.At the sound of my voice, mother would laugh with delight.Every time we talked over the phone, she would follow the “procedure” to ask me about my daily necessities. At the end of the call, she often told me to “cover my quilt at night because of the humidity at the seaside…Don’t look into the sea when you’re on a mission at sea.”If I ever “defaulted” on a temporary assignment, my mother would wait by the phone for an extra half-hour and then, unhappily, leave.A mother loves and cares for her children with all her heart, and extends that love to her grandchildren.In 2000, I was transferred to work in guangzhou army.After her daughter was born, the mother was worried and insisted on coming to Guangzhou.At that time, my mother stayed in Guangzhou for two months. Seeing that I worked hard and took good care of my wife and daughter, she was relieved to go back.It was my mother’s first and last visit to the army.When the plane landed in Zhengzhou, my mother called and said emotionally, “This time in Guangzhou, I see you are all very good, I feel relieved…As long as you can serve the country well in the army and take good care of your wife and children, you don’t have to come back when I die…”Unexpectedly, mother’s words became a prophecy.When my mother left, I really couldn’t go back because of work.When I hurried back home, mother had left me for a day.These years, with the growth of age, I deeply understand the parents love and care for their children, but also deeply feel the selflessness and greatness of maternal love.I miss my mother especially on holidays and Chinese New Year.I often sit alone in front of the window, looking at the blue sky, thinking – think mother in another world is ok?Whether she still cares about me as she did then.I also want to live a rich life now. If my mother is here, I can treat my mother to dinner and have a long talk all night.So thinking, and so suddenly woke up, just think of my mother has left me for a long time.I will never see my mother again in this life!Although I never met my mother, her love was always with me and her words to me always inspired me.I think, this is the mother in another way to love and care me.(This article was published on The 12th edition of PLA Daily on November 29, 2021. The content is slightly modified.