Has the situation changed?NATO troops rushed to the Russian border, but the British wanted to fight Russia at sea first

2022-07-08 0 By

The international situation has always been complicated. It can be friendly one minute, hostile the next, and less than a day after NATO sent yet another message of peace to Russia, it turned its back on itself.According to media reports, NATO secretary General recently ordered the deployment of large numbers of NATO troops on both sides of the Russian border, and even sent a large number of warships and aircraft to the region to carry out the military threat.It is very strange to want to talk and then backtrack after a short time. Why the sudden u-turn in NATO?Some analysts believe that this is probably the stress in the United States, after all, to stir up war NATO and Russia, the us has been for this purpose the United States is very positive, even from behind the scenes to the front, now there are a lot of American military equipment is being shipped to the Russian border, American soldiers are in a large rally and alert to the Russian border,In addition, the United States has a very important position in NATO, I believe that the United States once tough talk in NATO Allies few dare to refuse.Actually the NATO has been the United States on the fire, the military confrontation with Russia has been the situation, now want to get out is not easy, and NATO renege on Russia for many times, believe it in the mind also know that Russia is no longer easily believe that NATO gives any commitment, so after the military provocation to Russia to further,NATO’s attempts to negotiate with Russia have come to nothing.And at the same time Ireland, according to reliable sources, was flinging its hands, calling on Britain to disrupt Russian naval exercises by any means possible, after being told they would take place off the British coast.Ireland, such a move is also very good understand the side of the bed do let others snoring sleep, after all of the Russian exercises sea only 240 km from Ireland, Britain is less than 500 kilometers, with Russian warships on missile can to Ireland and the UK is the range of the crackdown, but Irish military strength is not strong,There is no way to stand up to Russia and the UK has to stand up for it.Of course, as the former empire on which the sun never set, The UK will certainly not allow Russia to make such a big threat to itself. Sources said that the British Navy will soon send a powerful British fleet to the sea area where The Russian military exercise is to be held, and use all means to prevent the Russian naval exercise.However, Russia has always been a tough country, and when the fleets of the two sides meet in this area, there will be a lot of friction and provocation. Coupled with the sensitive situation now, it is very likely that the Russian fleet and the British fleet will collide with each other and dry up at sea first.In fact, Britain still has quite big fear of Russia, this is nothing more than to see Russia under the HUGE pressure of NATO countries, so dare to Russia, perhaps when the time comes, Russia will break the claws to break, and finally come to a pyrric result.(independent)