Jd Health launches “Drug Help Registration Platform”

2022-07-07 0 By

Beijing News Kaihu Financial News (reporter Cheng Zijiao) On March 31, Jingdong Health officially launched the “drug help registration platform”, providing residents in need of drug supply information and medication services, helping people to obtain the needed drugs in time.Take the Shanghai area for example.Within one hour of its launch, the platform received more than 1,000 requests for help from local users, most of which were related to “delivery delays” and “drugstores running out of stock”.Jingdong Health’s drug help registration covers household medicines, medicines for chronic diseases, medicines for rare diseases, etc. Users can enter jingdong Health’s “Drug help Registration Platform” by searching “drug withdrawal registration” on JINGdong APP, and fill in relevant information as prompted to seek help.Beijing News Shell financial reporter Cheng Zijiao editor Song Yuting proofread Li Ming