Epidemic line comment | under the epidemic, strange ordinary people are also shining

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“After you send it to them, all you see are other people’s smiling faces.”This is Yang Yaosen, an ordinary Shanghai resident, who recently described his life.Since March, Yang Yaosen, an employee of SF Express who was born in 1995, has received notices of closure in some residential areas in Shanghai’s Pudong new area.It was around this time that Yang Yaosen, a post-1995 employee of SF Express, began to help his colleagues and nearby residents buy goods at his own expense, free of charge.According to the report, Yang went on errands, bought goods and gave them away with a total of nearly 50,000 yuan at his own expense. He once delivered goods to 138 households in one day.I read that a netizen commented, “If we reach the goal, we will benefit the whole world.”As a matter of fact, Yang yiu Sen is also an ordinary wage earner, not much of a “master”. However, under the epidemic situation, what distinguishes him from others is that he is a worker in the express delivery industry and has more experience in logistics and procurement than others.He made use of his knowledge and expertise to do what he could under the epidemic situation.We often say, let professional people do professional things, Yang Yiu Sen played a special role in the special period, which is the value of seemingly scattered ordinary people.Francis Bacon said, “A man who is kind and courteous to strangers must be a good man who is sincere and compassionate, and whose heart is often connected with the hearts of others, and not isolated.”After all, man is a social animal, and even in his own space, he still needs each other.Because everyone has a difficult time, and please believe that everyone has the ability to help others.The coverage of Yang is short but full of touching details.For example, when Yang was shopping in a supermarket, the boss gave him some milk.He sent vegetables and meat to the old man, who gave him bananas from the community.It can be seen that Yang’s kindness has triggered more goodwill, or that these goodwill have been there all along, but they just met each other under the epidemic.Not coincidentally, a recent story about a stranger’s helping hand has attracted many likes.In Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, some truck drivers were stranded on expressways due to the outbreak.Ms. Guo, who lives nearby, drove for four days in a row and delivered meals to 13 drivers for free.Ms. Guo said, everyone is not easy, want to let them feel that Suzhou people are very good.In times of trouble, the most touching thing is not the help from relatives and friends, but from strangers.They did not know each other, but through a selfless help, I believe that those who were helped by Yang yiu Seng and the 13 chefs who received Ms. Guo’s love meal will surely remember.The next time it is necessary and possible, they will also pass on this love to warm more people.In recent years, people often lament the apathy of human feelings and atomization of individuals, and think that the fast-paced and highly divided society has made people lose contact and affection.But in the pandemic, we can see that, thanks to people like Yang Laodi and Guo Dajie, strangers quickly establish bonds of mutual help.This is the hidden conscience and love in human nature, it never goes away, but in the calm years is not easy to detect.The kindness of strangers to ordinary people is even more touching, and also shows the civilization and love of a society.All for all, all for one. One for all, all for one.That’s the human touch. It’s the best smell in the world.And this human touch is also an indispensable force in our ultimate victory over the epidemic.Poster design bai Lang Responsible editor: Wang Lei Photo editor: Shen Ke Proofreading: Zhang Liangliang