Zhangzhou’s first public park “shared library” open during the Spring Festival lending

2022-07-06 0 By

The reporter learns from the city landscape architecture center, located in west lake ecology garden, Kowloon park, riverside park, xixi water park, zhongshan park five park “citizens sharing house” full open, citizens during the Chinese New Year festival can be normal borrowing books in the open time, and with “borrow and return” in zhangzhou to realize the “nearby also book”, share more than books.It is reported that the first group of parks in Zhangzhou city “shared library for citizens” to the park as the carrier, relying on the national labor union staff library demonstration point, the existing wooden houses in the urban public park, such as scientific integration, further expand the park cultural service function.Among them, the “Shared Library for Citizens” located in Xiyuanhu Ecological Park has adult lending area and youth lending area. 2500 books are invested for the first time, covering various categories such as red education, social science and natural science.The “Shared Library for citizens” is built by relying on the wartime civil air defense entrance of Zhongshan Park and the cultural relics of civil air defense. The original appearance of the cave is preserved and arranged, and modern rotating bookshelves are equipped.Located next to jiangbin Park children’s Playground, the “Shared Library for Citizens” is the first “shared library for citizens” built in Zhangzhou. The first group of 326 books in the library include familiar fairy tales, comic books and red education books.Located in xixi Water-friendly Park, the “Shared Library for citizens” can not only carry out reading sharing, communication, salon and other activities in the library, but also go to the basketball court, tennis court and table tennis court outside the library for proper relaxation after sitting for a long time reading.The Public Library is located next to the Lotus Pond in Kowloon Park for reading and viewing.During the Spring Festival, xiyuanhu Ecological Park, Jiulong Park, Jiangbin Park and Xixi Water-friendly Park open the “shared library” from the first day to the sixth day, 13:00 — 17:00, zhongshan Park from the first day to the sixth day, 9:30 — 11:30, 14:00 — 17:00.(Minnan Daily reporter CAI Liunan correspondent Zheng Qiaomei)