Strengthen the political consciousness, focus on the main responsibility, improve the supervision system!The municipal audit committee met today

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The municipal Audit Committee met this morning (January 28).Li qiang, director of the municipal party committee secretary, municipal party committee, audit committee chaired the meeting and to emphasize, to thoroughly study and apply xi jinping, general secretary of the audit work of important instructions spirit, unity of the thought and action to the central deployment requirements of audit work, to strengthen the political consciousness, focusing on the main business, perfect the supervision system, promote the development of new era audit business, high quality,To better serve Shanghai’s overall reform and development.Gong Zheng, deputy secretary of CPC Municipal Committee, Mayor and deputy director of CPC Municipal Audit Committee attended the meeting and made a speech.The meeting pointed out that this year, the city should give top priority to the work of maintaining stability, seek progress while maintaining stability, and maintain steady and healthy economic development and overall social stability.Audit work should find the right entry point and breakthrough point, and earnestly shoulder the important responsibility of promoting development and ensuring security.We will help major strategies continue to generate positive effects, and encourage the formation of overlapping policies to amplify positive effects.We will strengthen oversight of funds, track the use of funds, evaluate the efficiency of funds, and effectively manage and use major funds.We should adopt a bottom-line thinking, strengthen monitoring and early warning, and do our best to nip major risks and hidden dangers in the bud.We need to improve the auditing oversight system, strengthen auditing rectification, continue to standardize the exercise of power, improve internal auditing mechanisms, and innovate and improve methods and methods to ensure that there are no blind spots and that all areas are covered by auditing.We will combine auditing oversight with discipline inspection oversight and make greater use of auditing results.The meeting pointed out that audit work concerns the overall situation and is an important part of the Party and state supervision system, and party committees at all levels in the city should earnestly assume political responsibility and constantly strengthen the Party’s leadership over audit work.Audit institutions should strengthen political construction, fully perform their supervisory duties, improve the effectiveness of audit work, and better adapt to changes in the internal and external environment, scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, and the trend of urban digital transformation.We should build a contingent of high-quality and professional audit cadres, pay attention to learning, constantly improve their abilities, and forge an audit army capable of fighting tough battles.The meeting conveyed and studied the spirit of the National Audit Work Conference, listened to the report of 2021 audit work and 2022 work key points, and deliberated audit work related system documents.Liu Xuexin, deputy director of the municipal Audit Committee, Wu Qing, Xiao Guiyu, members of the municipal audit committee attended the meeting.Editor: Wang Bumi Editor in charge: Fan Jiale