Smooth out the storm of marriage change!TVB’s former actor shares a photo with his family!”Want a divorce” the wife smiled brightly

2022-07-06 0 By

Signed with TVB actor Steven (Steven) Mrs. Area YanWen IG (wander) after sharing a single photo, write “every the end of a relationship is to have a better future” to a marriage speculation, but Steven has posted a photo session three days later wrote “a family to take good love down,” said not only successfully coax back to his wife,More hint Wen wen again have joy usher in the third fetus.Today, on The first day of the Chinese New Year, Zhang Zhiheng posted a photo of his wife wenwen, his two sons and his dog on his social networking site. They are all dressed in New Year’s clothes, and Zhang Zhiheng also wrote in the post: “The Zhang family wishes everyone a happy and healthy New Year!”