On the first day of the New Year, they helped the “Winter Olympics” with blood

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In order to ensure the safety of blood supply during the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics and contribute to the successful holding of the Winter Olympics, xiaojudeng Voluntary blood donation Service team takes active actions and takes the initiative to fully carry forward the Red Cross spirit of “humanity, fraternity and dedication” and show the Xiaojudeng spirit of “responsibility, responsibility and dedication”.A total of 111 volunteers have been recruited as emergency support teams for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics.The opening of the Winter Olympics is approaching, the majority of volunteers volunteered, have responded to the superiors to donate blood to help the Olympic activities, in the first day of the New Year, high quality and efficient completion of the first emergency machine collection task.On the afternoon of January 30, 2022 (the 28th day of the twelfth lunar month), the central blood bank urgently asked xiaojudeng Voluntary Blood Donation Service team for help, requesting the volunteers of the emergency support team to participate in the emergency platelet collection in Handan on February 1, the first day of the Chinese New Year, to ensure the clinical blood needs of the Spring Festival and the Winter Olympics.After receiving the notice, Xiaojudeng voluntary blood donation service team immediately responded to the call of the central blood bank, activated in advance the “emergency guarantee war mechanism of mechanized blood collection” for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and Winter Paralympic Games, and quickly mobilized and recruited volunteers to participate in the mechanized platelet collection activity in Handan on February 1.Within minutes of the announcement, 18 volunteers signed up to be part of the donation drive.Considering the short storage time of platelets and the limited amount of platelet collected every day, we should immediately remind the group to suspend the registration and arrange donation in batches.At 6 o ‘clock on The morning of The first day of the New Year on February 1, 18 volunteers gave up the chance to reunite with their families. They arrived at the princess Lake gathering place in the moonlight and drove to the blood bank in handan city to donate platelets.According to the collection process, everyone carefully filled in the registration form, and went through temperature detection, blood pressure measurement, blood test and other procedures before the collection of platelets.At 15pm, they returned safely to Guantao and donated 36 therapeutic quantities of platelets (7,200 ml) after a round trip of 150 km and 8 hours.A total of 111 volunteers have been recruited as emergency blood donation teams for the Beijing Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.Please add any of the following wechat consultation or telephone consultation: 13131093644, 1873200145613930098058, 1503102788013931088649, 1331508930815533316777, 15532001619 source: Impression Pavilion Tao