Car hind cloud: open two gun is what meaning?

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Ma dong went solo after working as a challenge host on CCTV for several years.He made a lot of moves, and it’s said to be very influential.Then came original shows such as comedy competitions.The co-creation methodology proposed by him is of great reference value and universal applicability.A co-creation methodology is needed to ensure high quality output.Everyone is a part of the director, everyone is a part of the screenwriter, but no one is the whole.The methodology found in “Summer of Bands” is the symbiosis of emotions on and off stage.At its core, Bibi Bibi is about taking something that seems set in stone and allowing it to be viewed from different angles.The idea is the least important thing, because there are so many steps to go from the idea to the finished product.How is talent seen?For example, if you have a meeting in a conference room, everyone has to speak, even if you are new.If everything you said was on point, you would sit in the front row, because no one has a fixed seat and there is no seniority.Mediocrity is equal to nothing, this word, although a little oppressive sense, but no way.We have to give the world something that we feel we can live with.People, to allow themselves to maintain a so-called “two shots” qualification.What do you mean, two shots?My client, my platform, my partner who trusted us, gave me permission to take a second shot.And then, when your second shot went off, there was no one else to blame.Two chances at most!There is no justice in this world.Life doesn’t work out. It never does.You run like hell out there every day. Someone must see you.The world is like this, the sun rises every day, but people have to go their own way.