Boluo County Supply and Marketing Cooperative will ensure the production of spring ploughing in 2022 with agricultural materials reserves

2022-07-06 0 By

Spring comes early and people are ready for ploughing.In order to ensure the supply and price of agricultural materials and better serve “agriculture, rural areas and farmers”, Huizhou Boluo County Supply and Marketing Cooperative Association set up a special working class to increase agricultural materials reserve and ensure the orderly development of boluo County spring ploughing preparation work;Strengthen inspection, carry out irregular inspection of winter storage of chemical fertilizers in agricultural materials warehouses, and ensure sufficient storage of all kinds of chemical fertilizers.According to statistics, the reserves of spring ploughing agricultural materials in 2022 will exceed 1,000 tons, an increase of about 500 tons compared with 2021. Among them, more than 80 agricultural materials outlets in the supply and marketing system have accumulated 1,000 tons of various fertilizers.Spring farming supplies and fertilizer reserves are sufficient.Down, Boluo county supply and marketing cooperative association will also dynamic monitoring of agricultural stock level, timely supplementary procurement, reasonable adjustment of variety structure, strengthen agricultural quality supervision and price monitoring, for the smooth development of spring ploughing preparation work escort.Source: Huizhou People’s government portal editor: Luo Lixia