Bad is bad, apple is apple, but a bad apple is not necessarily a bad apple

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In English, bad is not very friendly, but it shouldn’t be used in every situation. The reason is that it has many uses and most of them don’t mean what we think of as’ bad ‘.It refers to different things and can mean different things, just like bad apple can’t be understood as “bad apple”.When used as an adjective, bad apples can mean poor quality or substandard, so bad apple literally means “bad quality apples”, but not necessarily bad or rotten “bad” apples.An apple goes bad. Bad also means bad or rotten.But then again, poor quality apples are mostly spoiled or rotten.Similarly, when someone is bad, it doesn’t necessarily mean that person is “bad”, because when someone is bad, it sometimes means that the person is bad or not good at doing something. For example, a bad liar is not a “bad liar”, but “a bad loser”, etc.I’m very bad at cooking.I’m not good at cooking.Can you describe someone as “bad”?The answer is yes. The so-called bad person may be a person who consciously chooses to act without compassion and uses and hurts others for personal gain. This kind of person is called a bad person.However, there is a huge difference between a person who makes mistakes and a person who chooses to make mistakes. A person who makes mistakes is not necessarily a bad person, because everyone makes mistakes and there is no way to avoid it. However, a person who chooses to make mistakes belongs to the category of a bad person, because they knowingly make mistakes.Therefore, we can not arbitrarily say that a person is a bad person, because bad means “immoral, evil”, etc., which is morally unacceptable to the public, or bad guys, which means “bad guys”. For example:He said I must have done something bad to deserve it.He said I definitely deserved it.He has his faults but he’s not a bad person.He has faults, but he is not a bad man.And when you describe a child as a bad boy, you can’t define him as a “bad” person, because bad doesn’t refer to morality, it refers to being naughty or misbehaving.I believe that no one said that children’s naughtiness is a moral problem, they are still children, mistakes are understandable.Of course, bad is not limited to concrete objects or people. It can also mean something abstract with a different meaning. It can describe pain or emotions, such as bad back, bad mood, and so on.I’ve got a bad head this morning.I had a headache this morning.Therefore, to use bad accurately still needs some consideration;We can use the idiom ‘bad apple’ instead. It means a person who causes trouble for others. It can also mean ‘bad guy’, for example:The best way to deal with bad apples is to take them out of the group as quickly as possible.The best way to deal with these bad guys is to remove them from the group as soon as possible.Small words contain big usage, which is reflected incisively and vividly in English. Therefore, in some cases, it is essential to lay a good foundation in order to last a long time.If you want to learn more about the world of Foreign Languages, follow us