In 2022, the Lantern Festival in Tongwei County was a wonderful event

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Luoguhuantian yuanxiao, celebrate the festival.On February 15, the fifteenth day of the Lantern Festival of the first lunar month, sponsored by tongwei County Committee of the Communist Party of China, Tongwei County people’s Government, tongwei County Committee of the Propaganda Department, tongwei County culture, Radio, Film and Tourism bureau undertook the Lantern Festival “advance new Tongwei Rui tiger xiangcheng” Lantern Festival fire exhibition activities in the county culture square.A total of 21 shehuo teams from 18 towns and 3 departments of the county gathered in Tongwei county to make fun of shehuo and celebrate yuanxiao. They presented a wonderful folk culture feast for the people of the county and created a festive atmosphere of unity, civilization and harmony.Author combines media center reporter He Chunyuan: “today is arranged in the county cultural square, jan ‘ring tiggo or dingle XiangCheng Lantern Festival performance events, cheerful yangko twist up, the mighty lion dance, enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the people, will be” the hometown of Chinese painting and calligraphy art “thinks of the festival atmosphere to a climax.”At ten o ‘clock in the morning, in the noise of gongs and drums, shehuo exhibition activities county cultural square as scheduled opened.Each jan display team under the guidance of the leader, stepping festive drums, with the cheerful rhythm in succession, hierarchy and varied floats team, team spirited flags waving, a lion lion, a colourful yangko, mighty long Gao Qiaodui greets the audience, people with their mobile phones to record the beautiful moments.”My family is jichuan town, I came here today to watch our Jichuan town shehuo show, I think our Jichuan town Shehuo show is the best.”Wang Boya said.Citizen Yao Jingwen said: “this morning I and my father more than seven o ‘clock, to the square to line up to see shehuo, very good, quite lively.Wang Guanghua said: “in the past the floats are very good, just the past is longchuan town she fire team is also very good, really good, very lively.””I came here very early today, more than eight o ‘clock, especially to see our Tongwei County Shehuo, the villages and towns of shehuo have come.She Huo is really good this year, we tongwei county changes are also big, the riverside road has been opened, really good.””Said Wu Qiangbing, a citizen.Lantern Festival, Tongwei county cultural square, people mountain sea, beaming, the masses of urban and rural areas with the old and young, with a happy mood, watching the villages and towns of shehuo performance.These give full play to the advantages of local resources, elaborately organized shehuo performance team including floats, flags phalanx, lion dance phalanx, stilt performance team, land boat and Yangko team, brought wonderful performances for the people of the county.Among them, the float team can best represent the overall appearance and development characteristics of the township, the integration of township characteristics of the elements, to show the economic development of the township in recent years, to show the development of the new atmosphere, new action, new style, highlighting the “catch-up development, catch-up progress” spirit.”Bangluo Town Community Fire team has a total of 480 people to participate in the community fire team has a total of 6 phalanx, mainly taiping drum phalanx, colorful flag phalanx.Take this opportunity to pay New Year’s greetings to the people of the county.”Tongwei County Bangluo town deputy party secretary Yang Jueyan said.Zhang Zhengwei, member of the Social performance team of Xinjing Township, said: “Our project is the lion dance. The lion is to send good fortune and good luck. It is alive and vigorous to show everyone.I wish the people of the county and the whole country all the best in the Year of the Tiger. I also wish our motherland prosperity, prosperity and security.”All the shehuo performing teams came on stage one after another.At the same time, the crowd gathered more and more. In the joyful sound of gongs and drums, shehuo actors in red and green, with paint on their faces, danced dragon and lion dancing on stilts, paddled land boats, and the atmosphere of the scene was into a climax in one wonderful program.You’re in the front, I’m in the back.In order to ensure the safe, stable and orderly development of the Festival, all levels and departments cooperate closely to comprehensively strengthen the patrol and control of key sections and main intersections, so as to ensure that the people enjoy the festival.Chen Jiefan, assistant police officer of Tongwei County Traffic Police Brigade, said, “We cleaned up all vehicles on the road this morning. After 9 o ‘clock, all vehicles entering the city were under traffic control, and social vehicles were prohibited from entering the city.After the performance began, we were on duty at intersections to prevent traffic jams and divert pedestrians to ensure the success of the performance.””I am a law enforcement bureau staff, today in the square with traffic, public security departments to maintain the scene order.More than 80 people were dispatched from our unit today to cooperate with the public security department to maintain order.”Tongwei county law enforcement bureau planning brigade members wang Rui said.Tongwei County fire rescue brigade engineer Nan Shupeng said: “today is our Tongwei county fire show activities, because the scene is more people, cars are more, the flow of people, so our brigade sent part of the car and people to the scene on duty, do fire security, to ensure fire safety and stability.”Poverty alleviation does not forget the sense of party grace, huantianxi yuanxiao.County this year 21 jan team gather more XiangCheng, play good, celebrate the Lantern Festival, jan’s performances, actors into vivid, lively scene, dance out of the joy and happiness of the festival, which is added thick festal atmosphere, for the Lantern Festival in a lively atmosphere, the people of the county together had a great Lantern Festival to remember.