From acoustics to VR/AR, how does Goer capture every market opportunity?

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The years around 2000 saw the birth of many outstanding Chip companies in China.In the early years of reform and opening up, China adopted a series of policies that injected an unprecedented source of vitality into its development.Under the influence of reform and opening up, China began to concentrate on training a large number of students majoring in electronics, computer and communication science and technology in a planned way.Around 2000, the training effect of science and technology talents was remarkable, and the wave of entrepreneurship penetrated into the chip and semiconductor industries.Goertek Inc., as it is now known, was founded in 2001.After 20 years, Goer has become a global manufacturer of top electro-acoustic components with a market value of 100 billion yuan, taking a large share of Apple’s orders.In the past 20 years, With its own continuous research, layout, innovation strategy, Goer gradually emerged in the industry, until it became one of the hottest companies in the industry.Reviewing the development history of Goer Shares, there are many glorious moments: in 2001, it built the leading muffler room in the industry and created the first dust-free purification workshop in the industry;In 2004, Goer developed the first automatic microphone production line with independent intellectual property rights and put it into use, achieving a breakthrough from 0 to 1 and gaining fame in the industry.In 2004, Goer’s first Bluetooth headset was born, which consolidated its position in the industry and laid a foundation for its future listing.In 2007, The market share of Goel microelectret microphone ranked first in the domestic industry.In 2008, the financial crisis spread to the world, and many companies faced serious economic damage. Goer went against the trend and succeeded in a-share listing.In 2009, the shipment of Bluetooth headset ranked first in the world.In 2010, it entered the Apple industry chain, and its performance soared and its market value doubled.In 2011, The market share of Goer active 3D glasses ranked first in the world.In 2014, Goer became the first One of China’s top 100 enterprises in electronic components with 10 billion yuan.In 2016, Goer middle and high-end VIRTUAL reality head display shipments far ahead.Over the past 20 years, Goer has been in the electro-acoustic industry, starting from the initial micro microphone, fighting all the way into the optical field, acoustic field, and today’s comprehensive development pattern of sound and photoelectric. How did Goer seize every opportunity of The Times?And where does Gohl look in the next 10 or 20 years?In 2001, China joined the WTO (World Trade Organization), many start-up companies in the field of electro-acoustic emerged, and Chinese manufacturing began to stride off to the world.Goel started out developing microphones, but at that time, many original and advanced technology of microphones were in the hands of the United States, Northern Europe and Japan. As a newcomer to the microphone field, Goel could only receive a few orders with small volumes and thin margins.In relative terms, Gol was a small fish in a small pond.Unwilling to always be a small fish in a small pond, the biggest challenge is how to attract big customers, become a big fish in a big pond?Looking back at the growth history of Goer, with only three moves, in less than 7 years, Goer became the leader of the domestic sound and electric industry.The first move is to get rid of small customers and set targets for big customers.It was a big risk, because All of Gohl’s revenue came from small customers, but the only thing a successful business needs is boldness.Before this decision, Goel operated with a lot of small businesses, orders were small, lots were large, and you lost money if you weren’t careful.Such a state, it is difficult to have the power to do high-end electro-acoustic products, big customers will not come.Therefore, Ge er changed its strategy, cut off most of the small customers, cut off the small money, wholeheartedly seek big customers.Second, do first-class high-quality products.Electroacoustic components are small and precise, and require high quality.If you want to make first-class products, you must have first-class equipment and strictly control the quality of products.When Goer was just founded, it still insisted on high standards under the limited conditions of personnel and equipment, regarded quality as life, persisted in making first-class products, and took the initiative to learn from panasonic, the first-class enterprise in the industry at that time, in terms of products and management.In the case of insufficient funds, Goer still spends millions to introduce advanced equipment and establish industry-leading muffler chamber, which effectively guarantees product research and development and production.Third, resource integration, adhere to independent innovation.For Goer, in order to establish a foothold in the market, it needs to constantly research and innovation in technology.At the very beginning of its establishment, Goer has cooperated with the acoustic major of Nanjing University, the earliest and most cutting-edge technology in China, and established a joint laboratory with the Institute of Acoustics of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, and cooperated with the Institute of Acoustics of Chinese Academy of Sciences to participate in the “863” project, focusing on the DEVELOPMENT of MEMS microphone chip.With close cooperation with the top ten universities of electroacoustic specialty in China, Goer quickly integrates the advanced technology in the industry, and step by step walks in the forefront of the industry technology.Towards the end of 2007, has the advanced precision mold processing center and miniature microphone automatic production lines, as domestic acoustic the industry leader, in the context of the global financial crisis in 2008, song, with A long-term strategy, to accumulate their own strength, on the initiative, pragmatic, dare to the spirit of adventure, upstream in a-share listed successfully,Lay a solid foundation for the long-term development of the company.After the successful listing, Goer successfully entered into the vision of more big customers. Soon, goer reached cooperation with Apple, Samsung, Lenovo and other international well-known brands, and became a leader in the domestic acoustic industry.Entering the Apple industry chain in 2010 is an important node for The rapid growth of Goer’s performance.In 2010, With a good reputation and strong technical foundation, Goer entered apple’s industry chain, supplying speaker modules, microphones, wired earphones and other products to Apple.In the following years, Goer cooperated deeply with Apple and became one of apple’s main suppliers. After taking the express train of Apple, Goer achieved a rapid growth in performance and a continuous doubling of its market value. From the total revenue of 2.645 billion yuan in 2010 to 57.743 billion yuan in 2020, Goer achieved a total revenue growth of 2,083.10% in 10 years.Goer started with micro microphones. In the process of resource integration with various universities, its core advantages have been well cultivated, so that when market opportunities come, it can timely seize them.The advent of iPhone 4 in 2010 changed the pattern of the mobile phone industry, with smart phones gradually replacing traditional mobile phones.Compared with traditional mobile phones, the demand and quality of the components of smart phones have improved, and Goer has accumulated many years of technology in this area, so it can successfully seize this market opportunity. From 2010 to 2014, the years when the shipment of smart phones increased were also the years when Goer’s performance exploded.After 2015, the per capita possession of smart phones was relatively full, and the smart phone industry entered the inventory state.Goer revenue also entered a phase of slow growth.In 2016, the launch of AirPods, as a true wireless Bluetooth smart hardware, increased the demand for acoustic components of TWS headphones, bringing a new growth point for Goel.According to the net profit attributable to the parent company from 2016 to 2020, it is found that the net profit attributable to the parent company decreased from 2.139 billion yuan in 2017 to 868 million yuan in 2018.Therefore, Goer soon adjusted its strategy and chose the strategic layout and development direction of “components + finished products”.Although the market competition is more intense, With the technology accumulation of many people, Goer occupies more and more market shares, and the net profit of the parent company returns to the growth track in 2019, and keeps the trend of growth in the same period in 2020 and 2021.Three, song’s stake in the future strategic layout: VR/AR, although most makes the business come from apple, but did not completely is tied with apple, but planning another way out for himself, let oneself in the market remain the state of followed closely in the development and change constantly, for in the new market, will be able to beat the market.The arrival of THE 5G era accelerates the changes in the consumer electronics market, and the combination of intelligent hardware such as AR/VR glasses, TWS headphones, watches and bracelets gradually replace part of the functions of mobile phones.After several years of rapid growth, with the participation of more and more players, the performance of TWS headphones has made great progress in various aspects. To some extent, TWS headphones have reached a bottleneck in technology, and the TWS headset market has entered a period of slow growth.VR/AR market is still in the fermentation stage, it is reported that there are many enterprises layout of VR/AR market.As early as 2012, Goer started to lay out its layout in VR/AR field. After years of accumulation, Goer shares now occupy a leading position in VR/AR optical technology and provide OEM/ODM/JDM services for brand manufacturers. Goer is one of the few suppliers that can provide one-stop vertical service from product design, RESEARCH and development to production and assembly.Goer currently accounts for 70% of global shipments of high-end VR headsets.Goer is an early entrant in VR/AR and has a leading technology. It can be predicted that goer will be one of the first players to benefit from the explosion of VR/AR market in the future.Looking back at the development of VR/AR market, I find that VR/AR market is in an embarrassing situation of being repeatedly stirred up. When will VR/AR market break out?I love audio network to VR/AR market for a long time tracking, and in-depth research found that THE VR/AR market has not broken out, because about VR/AR products to solve the pain point technology is still fermentation.Vertigo, delay, poor mobility, low resolution, low refresh rate, lack of high-quality content, not enough rich use scenarios, high prices and other problems to be solved, the objective existence of these problems, consumers are not willing to buy.However, VR/AR products can bring new and interesting technology experiences to users, so it can be predicted that when these problems are solved, the VR/AR market will explode.The development history of Goer in the past 20 years is clear. From the initial start of speaker and microphone devices, through resource integration and innovation strategy, goer has accumulated core technology, infiltrated into apple’s industrial chain, and grown rapidly with The support of Apple mountain, gradually becoming a hot quality hardware manufacturer in the world.In recent years, Goer’s early vision and priority layout in VR field has enabled Goer to get most of the OEM orders for VR/AR products in the market.How to become a head foundry enterprise?In an interview with the media, Jiang Bin, the founder of Goer, said, first of all, we should focus on the main business, continue to cultivate in the main business, and accumulate core competitive advantages.Forward-looking strategic layout is an important reason for countertrend growth. Before the TWS headphone and VR/AR market broke out, Goer had already made large-scale r&d investment. When the market entered into high-speed growth, goer could drive the rapid growth of performance and enjoy the dividend brought by market growth.The most important thing is to maintain r&d and innovation. Innovation is the foundation for enterprises to expand markets, meet challenges and win customers.Only the better the product is, the stronger the technological innovation ability is, the closer and more stable the relationship with customers will be, and the position in the industry will be more and more stable, or even upstream.I love audio network xiaobian will continue to pay attention to VR/AR market, Apple industry chain and the dynamics of Goer shares, to bring you more detailed content.Today, I love audio network chat story here, also want to listen to my love audio network chat which brand story?Welcome to leave a message in the comment section, if you want to know the brand, the story behind the product also welcome to tell us ~