Chongqing Beibei District implementation committee suggested three-level linkage to achieve full coverage of elderly care services

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Article | the correspondent YanYanNi people’s political consultative conference news reporter Lingyun “beibei wisdom endowment cloud services platform already launched!”On February 15, Jiang Xuelian, a member of the Beibei District committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) in Chongqing municipality, heard the news from the Bureau of Civil Affairs.How wonderful!””The platform command center provides 24-hour real-time supervision by accessing the monitoring images of 216 pension service facilities in the region to ensure the life, health and safety of the elderly;The elderly can also enjoy ‘meal ordering’ services, such as accompanying doctors and door-to-door services, through mobile phone clients.”District civil affairs bureau staff He Di introduction, wisdom endowment cloud service platform based on database and the elderly endowment services built on the basis of the electronic archives supported by the network, “area, evaluated integratedly, village (community)” three-level linkage of new wisdom endowment service information platform, covering the entire area of nearly 170000 elderly, 17 evaluated integratedly, 86 communities and 104 villages.”In recent years, the beibei district government has made great achievements in actively exploring a new model of community endowment.However, some old residential areas still have problems such as inadequate physical management and low staffing, and the service system needs to be improved.”Jiang Xuelian, a member of the committee, visited communities, jiezhen pension centers and other places, and submitted the social situation and public opinion information of “Suggestions on the implementation of the elderly care plan in Beibei District” in September last year.”It is necessary to find out the information of the elderly population, subsistence allowance over the age of 60 and the elderly in extreme poverty in the region, and incorporate it into the construction of the smart pension cloud service platform;The elderly service system will be strengthened to provide convenient services such as assisted meals and medical treatment for the elderly in the jurisdiction.Improve supporting facilities, train elderly service team…”The CPPCC of Beibei District attached great importance to Jiang’s suggestion and immediately called in relevant departments for discussion and consultation to boost the development of the pension service system in the district.The Civil Affairs Bureau has moved forward with relevant work quickly.It is reported that the command center of beibei District’s global intelligent pension cloud service platform started construction in October 2021. Through four months ‘efforts, a three-level intelligent pension service system of district-level, street-town and village-community linkage has been established to provide convenient menu-based pension services for the elderly.District people’s political consultative conference organized visits by working group to carry out the research, to help find out the whole endowment service status, and strongly boost to build high quality endowment service team, through strengthening volunteer service, organizing training, help to introduce high quality endowment institutions, such as full launch professional social workers and volunteers, communities and other social forces, for the fail, half fail, empty nest left-behind old people,Provide home-based care services that do not leave their hometown, neighborhood, accent and folks.At the village level, the most basic and the last level of the three-level linkage, social workers and volunteers found that the elderly were not well accepted at the initial stage of providing services. For example, Peng Xingwu, an 80-year-old woman from Jintang Village, Jingguan Town, thought that the elderly service was just a “formality”.When huang Chenghong, a social worker, sorted out the data of the elderly, she found that Peng Xingwu had not received the old-age allowance.After a detailed understanding of relevant policies and procedures, she took the initiative to help Peng Xingwu apply for old-age allowance.Through this matter, Peng Xingwu never said such words as “going through the formalities”, he took Huang Chenghong’s hand and said: “Fortunately, I have your help, otherwise I would have received many months less subsidies!””This is just an epitome of the construction of the elderly service system.””As the service continues, the elderly are getting real help from their daily lives,” jiang said.She herself expressed great satisfaction with the result.The original article was published on February 26, 2022, the fourth page of the People’s Political Consultative Conference