Zibo Group construction activity plan

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Zibo group built where to play?We are planning zibo group building activities, we can first see if there is any favorite group building activities!If your company plans to organize a team building trip for your colleagues in the near future, and you don’t have a good plan for team building activities, you might want to check out these projects. Some are to improve team cohesion and communication, some are to challenge yourself, and some are to build self-confidence and cultivate a positive attitude.If you want to know more about tuan construction activities, you can communicate with tongnuo tuan construction teachers!High altitude horizontal bar Goal: challenge myself and overcome psychological barriers.Overcome psychological vulnerability, enhance the ability of self-control;Establish and cultivate self-confidence, face the opportunity, decisive grasp, enhance the ability of self-determination.Experience the team spirit of mutual trust and responsibility by protecting each other.Experience of high altitude horizontal bar expansion project: even if it is a challenge for one person, it is also related to the whole team.Every brave challenge is a trust in yourself, is a big progress.Make it clear that your biggest enemy is yourself, as long as you overcome your heart, there is nothing you can’t do.Break out of your comfort zone and you can complete a new sharpening.Instead of looking down and thinking you can’t do it, give yourself a pep talk and encourage yourself that I can.Development program Da Vinci Code Goal: To change the concept of students, let students experience the importance of obedience in the team.Improve team execution, improve team work efficiency.Improve team collaboration ability and enhance communication among team members.Help students build trust in team members.Do a good job of personal positioning, play their own advantages.Maximize the use of resources to truly achieve win-win cooperation.Improve the reorganization of effective resources, so as to maximize the interests of enterprises or individuals.Expand the project rock climbing goal: enhance self-confidence, cultivate a positive attitude to progress;Perseverance, do not give up easily;Improve employee concentration.Increase employee initiative.Experience the inspiration and support of the team.Improve the flexibility and coordination of employees’ body.Climbing rules: Do your homework and wear safety equipment before climbing.The winner is determined primarily by the length of the climber’s ascent.Natural climbing can be done alone or in groups of people.Artificial rock climbing competition venue can adjust the rock wall fulcrum according to the technical needs of the players, the players can not use external forces in the climbing, the first to reach the destination is the winner.Zibo company group construction, with these activities, you can help your team to improve team cohesion.Next friends need may be zibo group to build a place to recommend, you do not have to look around, because here with nuo group to build the teacher is ready for you, you only need to choose their own personalized needs can, welcome to chat!Original article, welcome to reprint the original text, embezzlement will investigate!