Weinan High-tech Zone administrative examination and approval service bureau: no errand, mobile phone can handle business license

2022-07-02 0 By

“Now do a business license is convenient, I put the business license application good in the home phone, no longer need to do according to run around…””Said a happy citizen who came to receive a business license.In order to further optimize the environment of our business, let people handle affairs more and more simple, more and more convenient, the high-tech zone administrative approval services fully by means of information, will be “WeChat do as” business made into electronic tutorials, on the service hall screen loop, the applicant can be submitted to do as reference to the tutorial on the phone anytime and anywhere, the whole process is less than ten minutes,We greatly improved the efficiency of government services, enabling the public to experience the convenience of completing the registration of individual businesses without having to go anywhere at once.Since the implementation of electronic tutorial, “wechat do according to” with simple operation, safe and fast advantages by market subjects welcome.In the next step, the Administrative Examination and Approval Service Bureau will launch a series of licensing courses in succession to help enterprises and people in the area efficiently and conveniently handle the relevant business of market subject registration.(Contributed by Wang Weidong, Administrative Examination and Approval Service Bureau)