What is flow modulation?What is the role of epidemic prevention and control?

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Grim situation of the current epidemic prevention and control of complex public should be vigilant, strengthen the consciousness of protection do personal protection especially in stream of scientific researchers complicated sources close contact probability of epidemic prevention in public places more carelessness up COVID – 19 confirmed cases of grim situation of prevention and control a lot of people will receive about epidemic epidemiological telephone don’t panic!This is not a scam call!Don’t hang up!Don’t block it!So what exactly is a “flow tune”?What is the role of this work in epidemic prevention and control?How should the public cooperate?↓ Therefore, if you receive a follow-up call, please be sure to actively cooperate, be sure to provide accurate information, deliberately conceal the situation will bear legal responsibility. Thank you for your cooperation in the epidemic prevention work, come on!@ Pentium Media Producer/Gong Chunwei, Wang Yufu review/Li Xia, responsible editor/Pei Xuan Source: Health Inner Mongolia official micro statement/reproduced with reference to pentium Media wechat public number