New Year’s good news for the construction of water diversion project in central Yunnan

2022-07-01 0 By

At the beginning of the New Year, the central Yunnan water diversion project came good news.At 14:45 on February 18, the 4, 5 and 6 bids of Yuxi section of Yunnan Diversion Project constructed by China Railway No.2 Bureau were successfully connected with the upstream of the construction branch of Tho tunnel and the entrance of Tho tunnel, which sounded the charge of resuming work and production after the festival.Located in Xiezhuang Village, Jiuxi Town, Jiangchuan District, Yuxi City, the Tuo Tunnel of Central Yunnan Water Diversion Project has been under construction for 672 days since March 15, 2020.At present, the design length of tho branch hole is 470 meters.Pull that tho tunnel entrance completed digging 1507 meters;Pull that tho chi hole upstream to complete the excavation of 1425 meters.It is understood that the geological conditions of Tho tunnel are more complex, the front section is strongly sanded dolomite, the back section is strongly weathered carbon shale, the tunnel V type surrounding rock and V special surrounding rock account for 80% of the whole tunnel, in the construction process has encountered 18 times of collapse, 4 times of water gusher, sand gusher 2 times, the construction is difficult, high safety risk.In order to ensure the safe and orderly construction of the project, the Project Department of China Railway No.2 Engineering Bureau takes the initiative to plan and formulate special construction plans scientifically, optimize the allocation of construction resources, organize the main construction machinery and equipment to enter the site, and improve the production efficiency of the site construction.We attach great importance to geological prediction in advance of construction, accurately predict engineering geology and hydrogeology of surrounding rock in front of face according to geological drilling and borehole deepening, and take effective excavation support and pretreatment measures in advance.And repeatedly invited geological experts site survey and training, seriously analyze the engineering geological problems and put forward the working ideas, improve the technical cadres on the site safety quality control ability.The reporter learned that during the Spring Festival, China Railway Yunnan Central water diversion project many work stations stick to their posts, launched a comprehensive holiday “surprise war”.TieBaJu in the construction of the arch in the process of the water diversion project of longtan tunnel in yunnan influenced by fault, broken rock mass collapse more than 12 times total size, project department without addressing, slag by shotcrete immediately closed, pull back pressure backfill and other measures to minimize loss and influence, through continuous construction during the Spring Festival,As of February 16, longtan tunnel excavation has been completed 3455 meters.