Nets 76ers complete harden trade possibility discussion!When the conversation came out, Adu tried to keep Harden

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Durant’s injury and harden’s absence left the Nets a one-man show for Kyrie Irving, who dropped to seventh place in the Eastern Conference with a 29-24 record after losing 124-104 to western rival Denver.Such a situation, the Nets have met the unprecedented crisis since the opening season, so unsatisfactory record and the beginning of the season championship dream run counter to this is the players, coaching staff, management, fans can not expect the result.The Nets’ roster, with Durant, Irving, Harden, Adriano, Joe Ha and Claxton all out for the next game, is a challenge.Along with the decline, the roster has slowly become unstable, and Harden has become the focus of trade rumors among fans.Harden’s displeasure with the Nets came to light after the nets were open to a trade, nets reporter Alex Schiffer reports.He said he played just as often in the Nets as he did in the Rockets, and was not comfortable playing in a less-equipped environment.To put it more generally, Harden originally came with the purpose of hugging his thigh, but he didn’t realize that he was the thigh, and faced even more offensive and defensive pressure than during the Rockets, so it’s normal to complain.According to shams, Philadelphia’s interest in Harden has intensified as the trade deadline nears, and the Nets are open to a deal for harden, with negotiations expected to begin in the near future.The Nets were open because they felt Harden’s style of play didn’t fit the team’s offensive style and were concerned about his health.It’s no secret that Philadelphia has long coveted Harden, a top-tier ball-handling center;The Rockets reportedly had the 76ers in their selection when Harden left the team, and the nets may have been durant’s choice.With rumors of a deal flying around, management on both sides of the aisle is on edge, isn’t it?Four weeks ago, 76ers executives called Nets GM Marcus to discuss a trade, according to ESPN’s Wojnarowski, and the conversation was revealed: Philadelphia executives asked Nets GM Marcus about Harden, only to be rebuffed.That means, as of now, the Nets are not willing to trade Harden, according to the source.Perhaps it also has something to do with the attitude of Durant, another superstar of the Nets. After all, he has a great say in the Nets, and The selection of Nash as the coach is inseparable from durant’s support.Finally assembled the big three, Durant is not willing to break up so soon, the team is a painstaking game.Durant still wants to keep Harden, but wants a loyal harden, the source said.None of the big three has played more than 10 healthy games together, so Durant has every reason to believe he can play better if all three are healthy.Time is running out for Harden, the only member of the big Three without a championship ring, and he’s hungry for that kind of proof, perhaps in Philadelphia.The Nets can’t compare to what they did with the Rockets, when Harden was able to play with a lot of good shooters and pie-eating guys like Capela in addition to deputy Chris Paul.But with the exception of Duha, the nets seem to be struggling, with Harden frequently getting double-teamed and his teammates unable to provide much help, and his ability to play in the nets being compromised by the quality of the environment.The awkward situation, like the moment a couple is about to break up, is good for both sides.If the 76ers want Harden, they’ll have to send someone who can match harden’s salary, perhaps by sending Simmons along with a couple of role players, the two sides will have an amicable separation.The Nets can emulate the Golden State Warriors’ “Splash + Green” championship structure by getting Simmons, and both ends of the offense and defense can be liberated;The Sixers get the “one in, one out” super combination, which will be a big super combination after the “Lakers OK group” in the past, and it is worth the anticipation of fans.