How expensive is the authentic “Buddha Jumping over the Wall”?As you’ll see, poverty limits my imagination

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Speaking of Buddha jump wall, many friends’ first impression is expensive.Indeed, Fotiaoqiang is a complicated and luxurious dish, which not only uses livestock, fish, plants and other ingredients, but also complicated cooking methods, so that the food is more evenly balanced.This dish is not only China’s “intangible cultural heritage cuisine”, but also become the reception of foreign guests “state banquet dishes”, captured the taste buds of countless gourmands.The origin of Buddha Tiaoqiang folklorist Saberson in “Salivating Record & GT; commentary” ever recorded Buddha Tiaoqiang: “Juchunyuan” was the only big banyan city restaurant, of course, many delicacies, and “Buddha tiaoqiang” is particularly peculiar.Buddha jumps over the wall formerly known as “temple in”, then changed an auspicious name for “longevity”, later because few scholar in spring park “gather” party, one of the show just smelled a full-bodied fragrance Buddha jumps over the wall, to poetry song “altar rev meat aroma lamps, Buddha abandoned zen jump a wall to smell”, hence the name “Buddha jumps over the wall”.Fotiaoqiang is known as “the first dish in the world”. Whether it is taste, nutrition or appearance, fotiaoqiang is the top existing Chinese cuisine. At the same time, the price is very expensive.And the authentic Fotiaoqiang really has a price that most of my friends are hard to accept.Buddha Tiaoqiang is expensive because of these two points. One is that the selected ingredients are very top, and the other is that the cooking method is very complicated. Let’s take a look at what top ingredients and cooking methods Buddha Tiaoqiang uses.01, the top ingredients Buddha jumps over the wall of the staple food material with sea cucumber, shark’s fin, abalone, conpoy, glue and other top seafood, there are all kinds of regulations, such as top fungus mushroom, bamboo sheng, along with a variety of livestock, such as the old hen, tendon, ham, etc., the ingredients has more than 20 kinds, spices also has a dozen, covers the delicacies, nutritional value is extremely high.Buddha jumps over the wall was known, and not just because with the help of these delicacies, more important is each of the materials are the top in this field, and then take the abalone, optional is homebred nine heads abalone, sea cucumber, should choose made in Japan’s kanto, and it should choose the highest quality of rays, everything has exquisite, light let a lot of people off the cost of ingredients.02. Production Method The production time of authentic Buddha jumping wall is up to 10 days, among which the processing of food materials takes a week.Buddha jumps over the wall just introduced all kinds of ingredients not only, and is the top, so a lot of ingredients are all require a separate treatment, such as heat Buddha jumps over the wall of the stock will need to be a pig bone, bone chicken, duck and other ingredients after 10 hours of size fire boil alternately, and there is different for different seafood processing time, such as abalone, cold water soaked the one step alone need 3 days,Then soak it in warm water at 80 degrees Celsius for 2 days, and simmer it in a separate casserole for 3 days. Other ingredients also have their own processing methods.The final product can be clear and delicious, fresh but not greasy, rich flavor, it is really invested in a lot of human and material resources and financial resources, although “expensive” is also natural.Have you ever eaten authentic Fotiaoqiang?Welcome to share with us.Food ingredients have personality, small workshop, daily update the most in food practices and food anecdotes to share with friends.