A Chinese Odyssey 2: the player posted the reward of the Spring game of ladder, and the grand Prince and the lid refused to accept it

2022-07-01 0 By

A game life friends, everybody is good, I am mo yan, it is well known that the words after the reform, in the PK is largely increase the reward on the props, whether jousting conference champion award 4 interface fairy device, or a ladder to the annual season award 250 rare pieces of god beast, especially annual finals ladder, the bonus is up to 500000 RMB,Just now, the team that won the spring championship of the year showed off their rewards, but why would King’s Landing and LIDS disagree?With ruthless go look at the below: this picture from the ladder to the annual spring championship members of exposure, 250 pieces of rare god beast, is known to all, with 500 pieces can convert a rare god beast (random nien, cents, pai tse), it is already has a half of rare and precious beast, you have a jealous?And at the same time, junlin world is also a training of the beast, Junlin world is also jokingly, this is the reward system to comfort their house, and the price of the beast is also in millions of RMB.And another in the competition lost the local rich player lid, is unwilling to be lonely, practice out of a change without the snow and ice demon, it is reported that the price of this snow and ice demon is also in hundreds of thousands of RMB, so small friends feel who earn who lose?Welcome to comment.Today to share this, I am moyan heartless, a love of blubbier for many years of old players, like the focus of praise, more game information and gameplay to bring you.