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Zhou Du, ◆ Wall.[Liang][Shen Yue] “Fawang Temple Monument” : “The corridor is open, and the temple is restarted;From the house to watch, the traffic is like a cloud.”Abandoned wall (abandoned wall), refers to broken wall remnants.[Jin][Zhang Zai] “Seven sad poems” ii: “The garden into the ruins, [Zhou] yong completely blocked.”[Tang][Li Bai] “Ancient Wind” of 14: “waste city empty desert, border city completely blocked.”[Song][Zeng Gong] “CAI Zhou” poem: “[CAI Zhou] the past human settlement, heritage can not be found.”Four walls (four walls), ◆ refers to the fake silver ingot with silver skin wrapped lead tire.[yuan][Unknown] “Chen Zhou Sold meters” the first fold: “You two carefully look at the silver, other false also good-looking, only to prevent the ‘four walls’, do not want to him to coax.”◆ At the end of the Ming Dynasty, it was a tactic of the peasant insurrectionist army.○ The History of the Ming Dynasty: Li ZichengThe former to return, the latter to kill.After a long battle, the horsemen feigned defeat and enticed officers and men with thirty thousand soldiers and spears. They struck back and won a great victory.”Ring wall (ring wall) surrounded by walls of one abbot on each side.Describe narrow, humble bedroom.The Book of Rites: Confucian Scholars have a one-mu palace surrounded by rooms.○[Jeong Hyeon] Note: The ring is blocked.Five for the block, five for the pheasant.””Huainan Son · The original Road training” : “the ring block room, ci to sheng MAO, Penghu Wengyou, kneading mulberry as the hub.Note: “The block is ten feet long and ten feet high, so it is called ring block, which is small.”[Tang][Du Fu] “Send Bai Xue Shi Lin Ju” poem: “When high discussion row Jinmen, each make people have ring block.”○[Kang Youwei] The first Speech in Shaanxi: “All for family, in the ring block, there are parents, brothers and wives of joy, that is, parents, brothers and wives of worry.”误 : The poor family.○[Qing][Tang Zhen][Qian Shu · Go to Slave] : The son of ring block should not have the right to the great house;You must not meddle in the palace.”误 : They gather like a wall.Crowded.○[Qing][Wu Chichang] “guest window gossip · Ming Wu Zong’s legacy” : “value emperor micro line, over its four, see the audience ring block, TSK TSK admiration.”Cross wall (cross wall), ◆ cross wall.○[Tang][Sun Qiao] “Shutian General border matter” : “Xu call according to step, and war and into, [Shu] soldiers encounter bucket, such as value horizontal block.”Crowds of people watched the show.This is derived from the Book of Rites: “[Confucius] is dancing in the [alligator phase] garden, which is like a wall.”○ Biography of Wei Jie in the Book of the Jin Dynasty: People around the Capital Could hardly resist hearing her looks.○[Song][History of Music] “Yang Taizhen Outside Biography” : “Qu Road visitors are blocked, all are scared sigh.”○[Qing][Yuan Mei] “Suiyuan Poetry” volume 4: “[Haining][Chen Wenjian gong] told me to stay at home, to visit [West Lake].People know the elders of the three dynasties.Also as “the viewer such as rick”, “the viewer into a block”.○ Outlaws of the Marsh the first time: By this time, the story of [Qiong Young] had spread all over [Tokyo].There were a lot of visitors that day.”○[Ming][Shen Bang] “Wan Office miscellany · Temple” : “and see the purple shirt, pull the rod hanging beads, staggered [Yan] city of qu, where the view Yan music, the audience into block.”◆ Fill card entry ■ describe the number of people watching.The text of the Book of Rites: “Confucius is shooting in the alligator garden, which is like a wall.”○ Yu Dafu’s Miscellaneous Talk: The road was crowded with two dogs fighting each other, not to mention duck eggs glowing.The observer is blocked (the observer is blocked).Sealing, sealing plug;Block the passage.○ People’s Daily, January 26, 1995: Under the rising labor market, policy choices should not go back to the old way of blocking.○ The Evening Post, Nov. 13, 2005: a vicious rear-end traffic accident occurred at 166km of the he-Xu expressway, which resulted in 8 consecutive truck rear-ends and more than 10 car pileup, resulting in 4 deaths on the spot and many injuries. The expressway was blocked for several hours.Powder block, powder wall.○[Tang][Du Mu] “Xuanzhou Kaiyuan Temple” poem: “The sound of the stream into the monk dream, moonlight hui pink block.”[Song][Lin Bu] A poem in West Lake: “Luan Sumach powder blocks the shadow of fish, and Landu smoke clings to the pavilion and birds feather.”Prevent from repressing.[Wu Zhiwu of the Qing Dynasty] in a letter to his Family in the Capital: “Garrison troops were stationed in cities and counties to prevent the blockade, while the countryside remained stable as usual.”Block, the mood is not comfortable;A fullness.Chapter 7 of Plain Clothes Police by Hai Am: Tian Baoshan what is that? If you don’t mention him, I will be blocked if I mention him.○ Xinmin Evening News, April 28, 2007: When you go to a restaurant and have a meal, the waiter will say ‘pay first, eat later’.Block (block), ◆ tightness.When HE thought about it, his heart was blocked.○[Cui Xuan] ‘A Pair of Pants’ : Look, You are wearing nothingWhen I mentioned it, MY heart was blocked.”To block, ◆ against;The enemy.○ Anonymous Writer Xie Jinwu: “The two armies are blocked, and the three links urge the war drums.”Shut one’s mouth, shut one’s mouth.Block block, ◆ block block;Block.○ People’s Daily, May 28, 1978: “The film depicts a heroic group of five brothers, including Chen Shuhai, who are trapped by the roof and struggle for 15 days in the mine and create a miracle in the history of human life.”○ Xinhuanet, July, 2005: The annual ‘two sessions’ report is a news war among the media. All the media try their best to catch up with the deputies and members, especially the stars, and try their best to grab some fresh materials and enrich their reports.Blocking heart, ◆ heart resentment.○[Feng Bu-yi] In Hospital: When I got home, the more I thought about it, the more I thought about it, the more IT didn’t taste good.Plug (plug), cross cutting plate at both ends of coffin head and tail.[Shang Juren’s] family has a good board, which was brought by [Shang Juren’s] father when he was an official in [Sichuan][Chengdu] to prepare his old wife.He made one of the two peach blossom caves, leaving only this one, complete with wall knock, bottom cover and plug. It was five pieces in size.”○[Ming][Liu Ruoyu] “drinking in the annals · See and hear trivial miscellany” : “than to the pit, the plug of the coffin will open, dare not not bury also.”Block the room, the house.Block, this refers to the wall.Extended to the residence.○ In The Song Dynasty of the Southern Dynasty, Fu Yang wrote, There are samanas, and baekje people are also samanas.Liang Tianjian, ji west crossing, looking for a teacher to learn the way, quite interesting interpretation, also Ming Jin jin.In Liangzhou more years, can not forget the mulberry catalpa, return to the local.Fazheng heard him saying: “There is a guangshi sound chamber in the border mountain of Yuezhou, so I went to see it.”Block, block, closed, so that can not flow.○[Zhang Yukun] “Wuchang First Yi Documentary” : “42 bid three camp right, after the two teams blocked [Wushengguan], front, left two teams defense [garden], [Qi Jiawan] area.”○ Sinking by Ba Jin: He suddenly shut his mouth, as if grief had blocked his throat.Wall, wall, wall, wall, wallThe Book of Rites: “Confucius is dancing in the [alligator phase] garden, which is like a wall.”○[Qing][Yu Huai] “Banqiao Miscellany · Famous Prostitute in Pearl City” : “The outer ring of the Water pavilion is like a wall.”◆2.[Tang][Du Fu] “Mo suspicious line” : “Recall xian three fu [Penglai Palace], since blame the sound of xuanhe.The sage scholars are like a wall, watching me write in the book hall.”This is called the crowd crowded, such as the wall.Post – use as a standard.[Song][Su shi] “Second rhyme Zhao Ling Shuo” : “old young really Qiongshu, a battle wall.”○[Ming][Shao Can] “Sachet Notes · Lectures” : “Ambition soaring, talent thinking Shu Ying shuang.The pen blows against the wall.”○[Qing][Nalanxingde] “Witch of Gold thread · then give Liang Fen with qiushui xuan old rhyme” : “High since ancient times difficult to show, waste taught him wall pen, lingyun book flat.””The Book of Rites · Shooting” : “Confucius is shooting at the nursery of the dancing phase, which is like a wall.”■ This is a crowded crowd.Post – use as a standard.”Wei Jie from Yuzhang to Xiadu, people have heard of his name for a long time, and the audience is exactly as deaf as a wall.”■ According to: the original meaning of this article is divided into two, should be unified.Block, such as a wall and stand.A group of people standing together.○[Song][Fan Chengda] “Qian Wei Jiang Floor” poem: “the river block stand to see the tent, three old beginning twilight to the east.”○ A Guide to Flowers: The first time: The audience blocked the number of heavy, so that the floor has no seat.Block, block off.○ Jiefang Daily, February 2, 1988.Developing both sides of the border to prevent commodity wars○ Yangtse Evening News, April 21, 2007: After this incident, banks at all levels will step up the management of financial security and close management loopholes.Block (block), block.[Wang Hongkun] forty-eight Days in Sujiabu: When they left the stronghold, they were immediately attacked by our heavy machine guns.○ Zhixia, Paving The Grass: The enemy ran away and was suddenly blocked.Block when (block when), u still resist, deal with.○[Jin][Dong Jieyuan] Xixiangji Zhugong Diao, Volume 2: “How to block the time?It’s never hard.”◆ Supplement card entry ■ resist, deal with.The first copy of The book “Chuiwan of The Fire Liu” written by Anonymous Yuan says, “The Soldiers of The Rupp army are like tigers and wolves, and the end is difficult to block when.”Tempo, the transliteration province of The Sanskrit stūpa.The tower.○[Tang][Li Shen] “Repair longgong Temple monument preface” : “Plugging wave has been tilted, falun Mo turn.”When plugging (when plugging), ◆ See “when gambling”.Check and intercept.○ Beijing Daily, June 6, 1986: Not long ago, the Communist Youth League and other units jointly carried out an activity to check and block ticket evasion.○ People’s Daily, May 19, 2000: “In recent years, an important part of the anti-piracy work is to check and block smuggled pirated CDS.”One hundred, many walls.Also refers to buildings.○ Poem · Xiaoya · Swan Goose: “The son of yuyuan, 100 blocks are all written.”○ MAO: A zhang is a board, and five boards are blocked.○[Gao Hyung] Note: A hundred words are many.A wall.”○[Han][Zhang Heng] “Xijing Fu” : “Narrow hundred block of the side of the burrow, increase the threat of nine feast.”○[Jin][Zuo Si] “Wei Capital fu” : “[King Xuan] zte, and building room 100 block.”○[Tang][Yang Jiong] “Tang right General Wei Zhe Shendao monument” : “carved wall is 100 block are hing, Jun Yu is thousands of parallel doors.”○[Qing][Zhao Yi] “hear the various barracks reported defeat residual thief day can do like fu” five: “Yan Yuan 100 block to see the new repair, still mulberry jingyan such as.”Case blocking, ◆ live, stable and orderly.Case, through “Ann”.”[Pei Gong] said, ‘I made an agreement with my father, and the law was three: murder, wounding and theft were punished. I learned that the Law [Qin] was removed.’All the officials were blocked.”According to ying Shao, “Case, case, case;Wall, wall.”○ “The Book of Han · The Biography of Wang Mang” : “[Change] capital [Chang ‘an], lived in [Changle Palace], the house hid the end, alone [Weiyang Palace] burned, attacked [Mang] for three days, died, the case blocked complex so.”According to block, ◆ live;Stability.In the Book of The Han Dynasty, Emperor Gao-di ji, officials and civilians were blocked as before.○ The old Book of Tang dynasty: “Both received the capital, orders and prohibitions, ordinary people according to the block, do not commit.”[Yuan][Liu Zhi] “Correct good · On the high supervision department” cycle: “set system for a long time without more reason, people such as according to the block, law than tong qu.”○ Cao Zhiqi: During the period of military prosperity, the city was as blocked as ever.Live in peace and contentment, and work in peace and contentment.◆ Biography of Murong Baiyao, Book of the Wei: “[Sanqi] Happy, andu happy career.”○ “The History of the South · Liang Linchuan Jing Hui Wang Hongbiography” : “Now and peace and happiness, do not feel so hard.””North history · mpire” : “[is beginning], [Xiahou road moved][Han] attached, [Xuanwu] sent Shang Shu [Xing Lu] for [Liang][Yi] two states to the town of the governor, near [summer] people an congyue industry, in the valley who dare not be kou.”◆ In peace, in peace.○ Records of the Grand Historian · Biography of Tian Dan: [Jimo] immediately surrendered, willing to take away my family’s wives and concubines and make them safe and secure.○[Han][Chen Lin], as part of the School Headquarters of One of The Armed Forces of China’s Armed Forces, said, “The common people are staying in the country, while the four people are disarming.”○[Song][Li Gang] “from Hailingpan River to Liangxi for” poem: “if the people have an blocking hope, laugh proud can since the end of the residual age.””Sheng Wu Ji” volume 14: “The haikou attack on the city, not as good as the township, and the exclusion of the four township fu, is conducive to the security of the people, but not conducive to the people.”A du wu, ◆1. Language out of [Southern Dynasty][Song][Liu Yiqing] “New Words of The World · Rules” : “[Wang Yifu] Ya Shang Xuan yuan, often jealous of his wife greedy turbid, mouth never said the word money.When she was about to test him, she put the maidservant out of bounds at the expense of money.[Yifu] When HE got up in the morning, he saw money and worshiping from doing things.'” then to “a plugging thing” refers to money.○[Song][Zhang Lei] “and no blame” two: “love wine bitter without a block of things, there is a home for spring.”○[Qing][Pu Songling] “Liaozhai Zhiyi · Rain money” : “Ares, the room is full of blocked things, are nothing, but the mother money more than ten pieces, a few still in.”○[Liang Qichao] In the History of the Theory of Livelihood, chapter 5: “If one person is like this, then all people will learn to form the country, and also take the abudu as the biggest function, so there is a country often 龂龂.”正 : I don’t think so.○[Qing][You Dong] title < Banqiao Miscellany > : “Zi Fang washed the heart and learned the way, what is a block on the desk?”[Six Dynasties] Population language.This one, this one.[Southern Dynasty][Song][Liu Yiqing][Shi Shuo Xinyu · Literature] : [Yin Zhongjun] saw the Buddhist scripture cloud, the reason should be blocked.○ Gu Kaizhi, The Biography of The Literary Garden in the Book of Jin dynasty: “[Kai Zhi] did not have a point in his eyes for several years.When people ask why, they answer, “The chi of the four bodies has no deficiency less than its charm, which is vividly reflected in Atu.”[Jin][Li Xianneng]” Two old snow map “poem two:” hold the piano and snow and wind, two old romantic a plug.”○[Qing][Tang Sun Hua] “The title of the eye doctor of the Small picture” poem: “the bottom of the sac who paid the needle, the magic is a plug in.”In pieces (2) refers to the money.”Exactly: The world is warm and cold, people face each other.Ren is his own son and daughter, and he follows Him.”○[Qing][Yu Zhi] “Elegy” : “My Cao is full of spirit and shame. He flounces gold as cheap as earth.”○[Zhu Zhuxin] On The Parallel of Social Revolution and Political Revolution: “I don’t know why I can’t have this right because I have two eyes and two feet, and I can see and hear.”See “plug”.Encircle, intercept.○ Jiefang Daily, 1989.8.7: The thief was caught by passers-by.