Fudan University also has excellent students with 4 SCI papers published in undergraduate studies

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The clinical medicine major of Fudan University is the university that many students who take doctor as their lifelong career most want to enter.There was a girl who was admitted to Fudan University in 2018 with excellent grades and published 4 SCI papers during her undergraduate study, becoming an outstanding fudan university student admired by countless people.As an undergraduate, she published 4 SCI papers, putting many of her classmates to shame.She became a role model in the hearts of younger students and younger girls, and everyone took her as the object to learn, hoping to be as good as her.Her name is Liu Zheng. She is an excellent student in character and learning. Almost everyone in Fudan University knows her as a talented girl.Although Liu entered the school in 2018, she was exposed to a lot of projects related to scientific research in her sophomore year and devoted herself to scientific research.At that time, she participated in the experimental training camp held by the school. As it was the first time to participate in the experiment, she did not know the specific operation process of the experiment, so she was stopped by the teacher during the experiment, and finally had to leave the laboratory, which ended with regret.She was afraid that she could not catch up with the progress of her classmates, because while she still understood the experimental process, other students had been able to skillfully control the instruments in the laboratory and obtain accurate experimental data.Her heart is uneasy and full of frustration, but she is a more down more brave girl, unyielding personality so that she had a fighting spirit, she secretly vowed in the heart, to the use of all instruments in the laboratory to figure out.In fact, in scientific research projects, the most let students feel confused, is the confusion in the heart.In scientific research projects, students like looking for a needle in a haystack, want to rely on experiments to get the truth, which requires students to have the courage to be different from ordinary people, as well as the spirit of perseverance, only in this way to get scientific truth.In the face of scientific experiments, she has a belief that practice is the real knowledge. If the experimental results fail temporarily, she will try to find the reason for the failure. She believes that by doing more tests, she will be able to find the right answer.In his college life, Liu hardly took part in any recreational activities. He was determined to carry out his scientific research project to the end.While her classmates were playing mobile phone games and neglecting their studies, she chose to calm down and do experiments in the laboratory.Although the process of doing experiments was arduous and sometimes boring, she still stuck to her original intention and hoped that her efforts would be successful in the future.She has made a life plan for her future very early, and she has chosen scientific research projects that she is very interested in, which helps her find reasons to stick to in boring scientific research projects.Her English level is limited, so when she was in college, she would catch up on English every day, hoping to improve her English level in the four years of college study, so that she can become a person who dares to speak English.If you want to write a recognized paper, you must learn English well.At that time, her English was not good enough to write a high-level paper, and only with the help of others could she write a paper that was praised by others.She decided to settle down and improve her English, starting with reading high-quality papers from seniors.If she found a word she didn’t understand in the paper, she would look it up one by one until she knew the usage and meaning of each word.When she accumulated a certain amount of words, she began to try to write a paper by herself. Although the level of the paper still needs to be improved, her English level has really improved a lot.Later, she was able to write four SCI papers entirely on her own, and all her hard work paid off.Liu zheng’s success is mainly due to her ability to make reasonable use of her time and balance the time relationship between experiment and study.She has been adhering to the heart, toward the goal of their own hearts, in the face of difficulties, she has no fear, but head on, so that they have gained more confidence.I hope all students can learn from her spirit of daring to challenge and live a more fulfilling college life.