On the top of the snow Mountain, three amas delivered vegetables in 40 years

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In the middle of winter, snow and wind are blowing deep in the Himalayas.Almost vertical cliffs surround it. On the top of the mountain 4,655 meters above sea level, the Guard post of Zhan Niangshe stands proudly, like a sharp sword sticking straight into the sky, or like an island hanging in the clouds.Snow and ice can not lock spring breeze, mountain can not block deep feeling.At the foot of the snow-capped mountain, Three Tibetan amas, Daji, Ciren Quzhen and Puchi, from Renqinggang Village, Yadong County, Xizang, got together to care about the life of the soldiers at the guard post. They thought about the Spring Festival and sent some fresh vegetables grown at home to the soldiers.The azalea flowers on the snow mountain and thank, thank and open.In 40 years, they have gone from “Ah Jia” (elder sister) in their prime to “Mo La” (grandmother) with grey temples.They carried vegetables to the frontier soldiers, and their stories of supporting the troops and protecting the border echoed in the majestic Himalayan mountains.From “Ajia” to “Molla” : 40 years of food DeliveryI do not know who shouted, the distance from the Janniang post 6 kilometers away from the lira post immediately lively.The soldiers invited Ama to warm herself by the fire, while Darji handed over a pot of sweet tea he had made himself.Looking at the little soldier Yang Pengcheng full of chilblain hands, daji amma distressed hold up, stick on the face.”Take good care of your body, my child!”Renqinggang Village is a remote village located in Xiadong Township, Yadong County, Shigaze City, Tibet Autonomous Region, more than 500 kilometers from Lhasa.Before the Spring Festival, the village’s three amas — Daji, 63, Ciren Quzhen, 68, and Puchi, 63, carrying three large bags of fresh vegetables, each weighing dozens of jin, set off from the village and drove along the winding mountain road to the border guard post at the top of the snowy mountain.Photo taken on Jan. 27, 2018 shows three elderly women on their way to deliver vegetables to a sentry post.Xinhua News Agency reporter Juerguo photo backpack, filled with 3 amas of border defense soldiers of deep feeling and care.Two or three times a week, they have been delivering food to the border post for 40 years since 1982.Affected by the heavy snow, the road block, taking into account the physical condition of amma, Zhan Niang guard post soldiers down to the lira post will dish up the mountain.”I was born in 1959, the year millions of serfs were liberated in Tibet.The ‘Jinzhumami’ (PLA) are great, they liberated Tibet.Our home is protected by them.”Duggi remembers the first time he delivered food to the post.”In the early years, the border posts were very difficult and fresh vegetables were what soldiers expected.A fellow villager named Sun Zhu and I decided to send vegetables to the post.Later, When Rizhu was in poor health, Ciren Quzhen and Puchi joined the team to deliver vegetables.”He said.”Mom and dad, I have three amas in Tibet,” said Pu Xiaohong, a military family member from Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture in Yunnan province, during her winter vacation.Photo taken on Jan. 26, 2018 shows a photo taken on Jan. 26, 2018.Xinhua News Agency/Juergo
“At that time, I often set out in the dark at four or five o ‘clock in the morning and walked for eight or nine hours over mountains and mountains using a flashlight. It was often late at night when I returned home.””Said Ciren Quzhen.In order to deliver food to more posts, they also expanded their vegetable planting area.From more than 2,000 meters to more than 4,000 meters above sea level, from the Yadong Valley to the top of the Snow mountain, 40 years of military support, just like the snow mountain, but always accompanied by danger.Once, three amas encountered a bear on their way.They think of their fathers said the bear is afraid of light, with a flashlight direct bear eyes, 3 people dare not move also dare not shout……Fortunately, after more than 10 minutes of confrontation, the bear turned and walked away.
Photo taken on Jan. 26, 2019 shows a Chinese soldier from Guizhou province chatting with him during a video chat.One winter, the storm was so heavy that they got lost in the mountains.”Where the hell is the post?We three are in a hurry ‘blare – sitter – sitter and loudly shout, indeed as expected to hear the outpost barking, follow the voice finally find the post.”They were exhausted when they delivered the vegetables to the post at midnight, and the soldiers were moved to tears, Ms. Tsering recalled.Over the past 40 years, the three men have traveled to more than 10 posts, including Janniangshe, Zelila and Donggala.They left their youth in the snow mountains, but also the deep feeling engraved in the snow mountains.In addition to carrying vegetables, they also help soldiers send and receive letters and packages, transfer maintenance of small electrical appliances, become a crop of crop border soldiers common amah.The home of the three amas has long been a “home” for border guards visiting relatives, transferring on leave and even dating.More than 500 letters from “soldiers’ sons”, more than 800 photos of “mother and son”, yellowing envelopes asking amah to forward packages one by one, and their voices saying “miss you”. These are the “treasures” kept by amah and also the deep memories of the military and civilian affairs.In both hands: “a lifetime to do a deep feeling of things” “old monitor good!””Happy New Year, Amah!How are you?I miss you so much!”From the motherland border Tibet to Guizhou thousands of miles of line, on the 24th day of the twelfth month in daji amah home.”Conditions were too difficult when you were up there, but they have improved in every way.The post where you were posted was much better. In the summer, you could go to the cart, you could eat fresh vegetables, you had running water, you could warm yourself by an electric heater.Please rest assured!”In imperfect Chinese, Mr. Dagge described the changes at the post.”Great!For decades, you insisted on delivering food and letters to the officers and soldiers of the sentry post. Every time I think of you and the Tibetan name you gave me, Dagui, I feel very excited in my work.You are our hearts forever good amah!”
Photo taken on Jan. 26, 2018 shows an elderly woman’s appreciation to the People’s Liberation Army.Xinhua News Agency reporter Juerguo photograph “soldiers generation stronger than generation, we are now not good, old…”Ciren Quzhen could not restrain the feeling of missing, covered his face and sobbed.”You will never be old in my heart!Take care of yourself and I will take time to visit you after the New Year!”The other end of the phone, retired 26 years old monitor Chen forever also could not help but tears.Renqinggang village, surrounded by mountains, has wide and flat asphalt roads.On both sides of the road, there are two new buildings strewn at random, bright five-star red flags flying in the wind.Early in the morning, Ciren Quzhen’s Tibetan stove was burning brightly.On the fire, sweet tea was boiling in a pot;On the windowsill, a basin of green plants coruscate with the vitality of the spring.Soldiers of a border defense regiment of xizang Military area came to the home of 3 amas with their lovers.Armed with shovels and brooms, soldiers and military wives removed snow for the elderly, pasted Spring Festival couplets and paper-cuts, hung red lanterns and brought fruits and vegetables, rice noodles and New Year wishes.”Patrol and duty hard, huh?My hands are peeling…”Puch felt distressed as he touched the hands of the soldiers.When hearing that the military wife cheng Shake is a teacher, Ciren Quzhen straight kua when a teacher is good, can train more talents for the country.”The country is everyone, and our family is small.”Taking amma by the hand, Cheng Shook said, “It was only when I came to the barracks that I truly understood that only unity between the army and the people can stabilize the border area!”Amah Daji’s body still bears frostbite from delivering vegetables.Local soldiers decorate the houses of three elderly women for the Spring Festival in Renqinggang Village, east China’s Shandong Province, Jan. 26, 2018.”Soldiers are our relatives, I would like to do such a deep feeling for the soldiers all my life.””In the early years, the conditions were limited and it was not easy for the fighters.I hope they can stay true to their original aspiration after they leave the military uniform, and work hard as they did when they were soldiers in all parts of the motherland.We old amahs will be waiting for their good news!”

Now, soldiers have abundant logistics and can order food through mobile apps.

The soldiers advised 3 amas not to send food, but they still did not stop, every period of time to carefully select some fresh vegetables to the Janniang post.

This is the green vegetables delivered to the sentry post by the old woman (January 27).Xinhua News Agency/Juergo
“I’ve got used to it. If I don’t go for a while, I feel empty.”Ciren Quzhen said, “When I go to a post to see the soldiers’ lives and chat with them, I feel much more comfortable.””The amas also know that the living conditions in the posts are better. Now they send their own vegetables to the soldiers, and what they carry is not only materials, but also the warmth and affection of the army and the people as one!”Xizang military region a border defense corps commissar Ying into the tiger said.It takes more than five hours to climb up to the guard post of Janniang She from Yadong county on the cliff, in the freezing snow, knee-deep and even waist-deep.Despite the isolation, life here is not isolated.In recent years, basic facilities such as water, electricity, road and communication network have been greatly improved in border guard posts on the plateau. The posts are equipped with toilets, bathrooms, kitchens, boiler rooms and medical clinics. Soldiers have also opened recreational areas such as entertainment rooms, libraries and Internet cafes in barracks.Photo taken on Jan. 27, 2018 shows an elderly soldier serving vegetables at a sentry post.Xinhua News Agency reporter Guiguo talked about the change in life, The monitor of the post, Chang Ke feeling a lot: “In the past, the post water is a big problem, only to go to the toilet outside.Now, water can be pumped to the mountain through a storage room built at the outpost. Soldiers use electric water heaters to bathe and have video links with their families.”The change of Zhan Niangshe sentry post is an epitome of the consolidation and development of Border defense in Tibet.”At present, all administrative villages in the county are connected to asphalt roads or cement roads, connected to the national power grid, and tap water is available to households.”According to Zhaxi Ciren, head of Yadong County, the county’s per capita annual income reached 21,000 yuan in 2021, and the situation of military and civilian solidarity in guarding the border area has been consolidated.Led by 3 amas, the ranks of genuine supporters are growing stronger and stronger.Qui Sang, 57, a native of Cheema village, has been delivering vegetables to the border post for 27 years.”Every time I send food back, I feel very satisfied, as if I have completed a wish.”GUI Sang said, “to inherit the good tradition of supporting the army, send food to their own walk.”Photo taken on Jan. 27, 2018 shows daji, an old woman, chatting with soldiers.In the past 40 years, the story of 3 amas carrying vegetables and supporting the army has infected one generation after another soldiers, and also inspired more people to care about the guard post of Zhan Niangshe and to care about guarding soil and border.”I can’t bring you food like Amah, but I hope I can bring you warmth.There are no flowers on the snow-capped mountains, but the roses made of Beijing ginkgo biloba leaves will never wither!””A college student wrote in a letter to the soldier.On New Year’s Eve, a live broadcast with “cloud guard post” Zhan Niangshe officers and men “cloud guard edge”, saw countless netizens cry.Photo taken on Jan. 27, 2018 shows three elderly women posing for a photo with soldiers at a sentry post.”My biggest wish for the rest of my life is to meet the veterans again.Because we’re old, AND I miss them, and I’m afraid I’ll never see them again…”As soon as the words were out of her mouth, the three old amahs shook their heads with tears streaming down their faces.”I came from the snow mountain, snow mountain has my kind amah, she is my life care.Oh, I walked out of the snow mountains, amah is still praying for me…”The snow stopped suddenly, “Snow Mountain Amah” singing.In the snow, amma’s tottering and mighty figure is just like the most beautiful clouds embracing the top of the snowy mountains.Photo taken on Jan. 26, 2018 shows Tsering Quzhen, Daji and Puchi, villagers of Renqinggang Village in Xiadong Township of Yadong County, Southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region.Xinhua News Agency/Juergo

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