Helenburg steps in!More than 80% agree!About 1175 mu, dongfeng Dongxing area old will out

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Leju house news a few days ago, the dongxing district of Dongfeng town reconstruction survey results.The approval rate of legal right holders of building on collective land was 84.40%, and the approval rate of land area was 93.24%.According to the publicity, Dongfeng Town started the investigation of renovation intention of Dongxing District, Dongfeng Town, Zhongshan City on November 28, 2021, and has successfully completed the relevant work. Now, the investigation of specific renovation intention of the project is published online.According to the statistical table of reconstruction intention survey results (collective land) of Dongxing district, Dongfeng Town, Zhongshan city, the unified rate of Dongxing community is 98.68%, the notification rate of Bogong community is 99.41%, and the consent rate of legal right holders of building on collective land is 84.40%.According to the statistics table of state-owned land, there are 638 parcels with a land area of 325,989.72 ㎡, and the approved land area accounts for 30,3967.34 ㎡, with a land area approval ratio of 93.24%.Agree with the proportion of more than 80%, it can be seen that dongxing area with a high degree of cooperation.That means, the old area can enter the next phase of old change.With the publicity of survey data of renovation intention, the survey scope map of renovation intention of the project was also exposed simultaneously.The investigation area reaches yongle Road in the north, Xiaolan Waterway in the south, Guangxin Road in the west and Ping An Street in the east, covering an area of about 783,300 square meters (about 1175 mu).In fact, the renovation of dongxing district will begin at the end of 2021.According to the dongxing community’s public account, the Dongxing community’s neighborhood committee will organize the registration of the reconstruction intention of the old towns in the Dongxing area from November 28, 2021 to January 30, 2022.On December 1, 2021, the investigation and registration of reconstruction intention was officially carried out, and two on-site registration points were also set up.One registration point is on the first floor of Dongxing Community neighborhood committee, and the other registration point is in dongxing District Transformation Consulting Office (upstairs of Xinghua Business Hall of Telecom).Dongxing Area, as a key renewal area of Dongfeng Town, is included in the “Zhongshan City Urban Renewal (” three old” transformation) special Planning (2020-2035) “, and positioned as the Smart home manufacturing center of the Bay Area.The most fundamental reason for the intense renovation is that dongxing area, as the old city of Dongfeng, has serious problems in traffic, land use, collective asset income, industrial environment, human settlement environment, pipe network facilities and other aspects. Residents’ desire for renovation and enterprises’ strong desire to take root in Dongfeng, so the renovation is imperative.In September last year, according to the publicity of the bidding results of the old district planning of dongxing district, Dongfeng Town, the winning unit of the district is Zhongshan Haoyuan Enterprise Management Co., LTD. (consortium member: Guangdong State Planning Technology Co., LTD., Zhongshan Surveying and Mapping Engineering Co., LTD.).After consulting and comparing, leju editors found that Zhongshan Haoyuan Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. is actually a wholly-owned subsidiary of Helenburg.That is to say, Helenburg will be involved in the renovation of dongfeng Dongxing community.In addition, leju editor can also see from the launching publicity video of the old city reconstruction project in Dongxing area that Haoyuan Company has been confirmed as the planning enterprise of the urban renewal project in dongxing Area.Second, also mentioned in Helen fort city update website, zhongshan hao yuan enterprise management co., LTD., as a principal party, will be adhering to the “symbiosis with you with heart to the new, better” concept, joint related institutions to accelerate the process of large community old change, to form a complete set of the large community into a high-quality, production integration of innovative livable community as the target,Dongxing community is committed to revitalizing the urban appearance of Dongxing community, creating a better life experience for dongxing community village/residents and owners, creating a public leisure ecological corridor integrating waterscape, waterfront green belt and waterfront square, and meeting dongxing community people’s new expectations for a better life.Finally, attached dongxing old after the transformation of several groups of renderings.Located at the “north gate” of Zhongshan, Dongfeng is the gateway to guangzhou-Foshan economic circle. It is a powerful way to accelerate the integration into the development of the Greater Bay Area to implement the “three old” transformation, revitalize land resources and re-stimulate new industrial momentum.The People’s Bank of China (PBOC) : it will not use real estate as a short-term means to stimulate the economy