Beijing’s last state-run grocery store: popular and bustling, it’s hard to find workers

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Since ancient times, The spirit of craftsman has been deeply ingrained in China for 5,000 years.However, with the rapid development of science and technology and the continuous improvement of mechanization level, the spirit of craftsman seems to be forgotten in the long river of history, and only a few people still miss it deeply.When people began to look for artisan spirit in food culture, they unexpectedly found zhaofu Street Grocery store, the last state-owned grocery store in China, in Beijing hutong.In today’s era of fast food culture, this grocery seems to be against the trend, but is cherished by countless people nostalgic for the past.When we talk about non-staple food now, what we think of is the dazzling array of goods in the supermarket.But what we don’t know is that a long time ago, a small grocery store at the end of a street in a hutong could meet the needs of local residents.Based on such memories of The Times, the zhaofu Street grocery store has even become a symbol of food culture.Unfortunately, this grocery store, which is still popular in business, has difficulty in recruiting workers, which precisely reflects the impetuous mind of today’s young people, which is precisely the reason why the craftsman spirit needs to return to today’s society.Zhaofu Street grocery store is located in a small alley on Zhaofu Ya Street to the north of drum Tower in Beijing.In this narrow hutong, its facade is very old and looks very ordinary, but it has become the most popular attraction in the hutong.There are not only local old neighborhood patronize, there are many people from other places to come, become a well-known network red card.Why is this shop so popular?This grocery store has a long history. It was established in 1956, when people could not buy things with cash, but could only exchange bills for necessities.When the grocery store just opened, the store was more than 100 square meters, providing goods for all the families in the whole hutong.Unfortunately, with the reform and opening up and the rise of the socialist market economy, supermarkets and shopping malls around have been built, leading to the gradual decline of the grocery store, the store area has also been shrinking, until it becomes the small place now.Li Ruisheng is the owner of this store. He is an aborigine from Beijing. He was transferred to this grocery store as a clerk in 1987 and has worked here for over 30 years.His affection for the grocery store was so strong that he never abandoned it, even as the store shrank and the clerks left.For Li Ruisheng, the store is not just his memory, but the memory of his generation, and only the store still exists.Therefore, he signed a contract with the company that owns the store and became the agent of the store. He was not only responsible for the sale of the goods of the store, but also responsible for all the profits and losses of the store.Can be such a can retain the time of the grocery store, to evoke the deepest memories in people’s hearts.Since Li Ruisheng took over this grocery store, he has never changed the layout and display of the store, the store is still the original appearance, even the paintings on the wall, is still the style of the 1970s, still can evoke people’s deepest memories.When guests walk into the grocery store, it’s like going back to the past. They can see the familiar scenes in their memory. In addition to keeping the original store style, the most familiar things are the original goods.Customers need to carry bottles to get soy sauce and vinegar, erba sauce, the favorite sauce of Beijingers, sesame oil and various pickles, all of which retain the most primitive and familiar taste of Beijingers.Li Ruisheng said that “Beijing people are very picky about the taste of non-staple food”. Only those who have lived in Beijing since childhood can understand the taste of Beijing people, and also can make the non-staple food popular with Beijing people and manage this grocery store well.Although Li ruisheng still retains the original merchandise and style, he also makes some adjustments.For example, he will prepare a recipe for Beijing authentic fried soy sauce noodles for foreign tourists and put it on the most conspicuous place in the shop to attract more people to consume in the shop.In order to arouse people’s nostalgia, Li Ruisheng will also post photos of some out-of-print goods on the shelves, such as some lotus root starch or cigarettes in front of the gate without cigarette holders, using another form to retain people’s memories of the scene.Every bit of this store can let people see, it seems to go back to that era, heart nostalgic, reluctant to leave.This grocery store with retro style and products, evoke people’s memory, plus now popular retro trend, become a well-known net red card, but why so popular grocery store, but facing recruitment difficulties?Now in his 60s, Li Ruisheng is too old to support the store. The grocery store is not only an industry he has worked for all his life, but also carries the memories of the local people for more than 30 years. He doesn’t want the store to become a memory of the local people.Many local people think it is difficult to recruit workers because Li ruisheng is able to scoop soy sauce and vinegar with great speed and without spilling a drop. In fact, this is not the main reason why it is difficult to recruit workers. After long-term training, this ability can form muscle memory, which is not particularly difficult.The main reason for the difficulty is that the job is unskilled and many young people are not willing to spend their time on such boring work.In addition, the goods sold by this grocery store are mainly firewood, rice, oil and salt, which are some necessities of life. Therefore, the store income is not high, and the salary of the salesclerk is not high either.On the other hand, the job in grocery store is slow work with low salary and low technical content. Young people can not learn new skills here, and they are rarely able to settle down to do such a job in the impetuous society.Today, Zhaofu Street grocery store still exists there. When we walk into this store, we can still feel the smell of ancient ways. It can take us back to the time when we were lacking in materials but satisfied in spirit.Zhaofu Street grocery store, can become the online celebrity of this era, in a reasonable and unexpected, in a reasonable because it carries the memories of a generation, for us to retain the imprint of the era, to meet our memories of the era.Surprisingly, because it is in such a narrow alley, it is incredible that it can survive with a small variety of goods.In fact, this shop is not selling firewood, rice, oil and salt, but people’s memories of the time, is people’s memories and feelings.More importantly, this grocery store bears people’s deep reverence for craftsman spirit. One day, impetuous modern people will understand that what can truly be inherited is meticulous management and shaping, which is the basis for a nation and a country to stand on.