The Ministry of Education: The National Smart Education Platform for Primary and secondary schools provides support for “on-going school suspension” during the epidemic

2022-06-28 0 By

According to the website of the Ministry of Education, recently, in view of the epidemic situation in many places in China, the Ministry of Education quickly deployed all localities to give full play to the role of the national primary and secondary school intelligent education platform, make overall use of the national platform and local platform resources, guide students to make scientific and reasonable arrangements for home study.Many places across the country took immediate action to require schools to strengthen the application of resources on the National smart education platform for primary and secondary schools, effectively serve “on-off” education and share high-quality education resources.For further implement the strategy of national education digital action, vigorously promote the development of the basic education quality, the effective support “ShuangJian” and “closed not suspended” work during outbreaks, the Ministry of Education in the “national primary and secondary school network cloud platform” version upgrade on the basis of the “national primary and secondary school education platform” wisdom, staging, on March 1.At present, the national wisdom education platform is special education of primary and secondary schools, curriculum teaching, after-school services, academic, family education, the educational reform of teachers’ practical experience six sections, such as resource quantity than the original doubled, to effectively service students learn that occupy the home, online teaching, service, support parents in family education.Among them, the special education section provides life safety education and mental health education resources to provide scientific guidance for primary and secondary school students to adjust their mentality and actively fight the epidemic during home study.There are 17,492 teaching resources of 450 textbooks in 19 editions, and 1991 electronic textbooks from 67 publishing units, which are available for teachers and students to use independently.The after-school service section includes popular science education, physical exercise, culture and art, classic reading, research practice, film and television education, etc., providing high-quality resources to enrich the after-school life of primary and secondary school students during home study.The family education section includes three kinds of resources, including family education concepts, family education methods and family education guidance, which can effectively serve the majority of parents to improve family education ability and improve the quality of primary and secondary school students’ home learning.According to statistics, from March 1 to 14, the average daily browsing times of the national smart education platform for primary and secondary schools reached 16.87 million, and the quality of resources was widely recognized by the society.In particular, the number of visits to the platform increased sharply in the regions where “school suspension” was implemented after the outbreak.