New Year, these qian ‘an people most afraid of things or come

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I don’t know when this catchphrase began to circulate among young people.Spring Festival visiting relatives and friends has been opened, this time, in addition to parents urge marriage, and now to add seven aunts and eight aunts group urging marriage.New Year home, the most afraid of parents, relatives urged marriage, whether it is “leftover fighter”, “will be leftover guest”, or “battle remaining Buddha”, “qi Tianda leftover”, the New Year is always blind date: not is blind date, is on the way to blind date.Recently, THE author saw a very popular paragraph on the Internet, vividly depicting the contradictions between young people’s inability to go home to face relatives urging marriage and relatives’ strong urging marriage strength.This is still the basic operation, relatives urge marriage has a lot of means to appear version “WHEN I was your age, long married…”Peer pull step version “next door who who married for two years now baby have…””Now you don’t understand, you want to get married in two years. Many inexperienced young people are speechless when faced with the offensive of relatives.The Spring Festival is even crazier.Bombardment of marriage, even let the Spring Festival this happy reunion cast a shadow, not to mention hurt feelings, marriage under the achievement of marriage, is also full of haste.In 2021, qianan handled 2,880 marriage registrations, 867 divorce registrations, 1,389 reissued marriage registrations and 148 reissued divorce registrations.(As of December) With divorce rates high, it is better to give younger generations time to find a good match and make a lasting marriage than to push for it.A large part of qian ‘an’s single population is born in the 1990s.The post-90s generation is the most complex group of people, who have experienced poverty as well as rapid social changes.This generation is the first to break away from the ideas of their parents’ generation. They are trying many new ways of life and thinking about their future.Urging marriage, from the elder care, but in a different era, a new generation of young people have new plans and ideas about life.And the meaning of marriage is to support and nourish each other, not to consume each other.All kinds of things in the world can be accommodated, but marriage is not.It is better to walk slowly than to rush marriage or even “settle” at the urging. It is not a bad thing to walk slowly.We sometimes take half a month to choose a dress, but only a few days to choose a partner.We can prepare for the college entrance exam for years, prepare for a job for a dozen months, but when it comes to finding a lifelong partner, we are so impatient.Marriage is much more important than a diploma or a job.In order to the happiness of the younger generation today move to four proverbs on every festive season times as well as heart easy heart life should be ragged children and grandchildren happy children and grandchildren seek