AO Smith Cold and Hot Instant Water Purifier is the “first step” of family drinking water safety.

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In modern people’s understanding of “family hygiene”, more and more attention is paid to the factors affecting it, and “drinking water safety” is the most important among them.For a long time, many Chinese people are “cooked (open) water” as a healthy life “first principles”, and “water” became the most families’ daily work, is also a kind of slightly worry “burden” – although the water purification machine has become a “standard” of the modern family, keep the drinking water safety of the first level, but if you want to boil water,Also need to go through a series of tedious steps such as connecting water, boiling water, pouring water, and so on, such as water cooling, these make “drinking water” become very difficult!It is seeing the broad consumer demand, in the “world Health Day” is approaching, home appliance giant A.O.Smith took the lead in launching a very innovative hot and cold water purifier under the cabinet with excellent research and innovation ability, so that the water can be purified to the boiling water “one key” — since then, the people who love drinking boiling water are blessed!In the “lazy” tide prevailing today, the lazy economy has become a new trend of consumption in all walks of life, water purification machine to meet the unique demand of people to drink “boiled water”, also need innovation and change.As for “boiling water” this matter, we are concerned about “thousands of boiling water”.Now, the A.O. Smith instant drinking water purifier “comes out of the air”, which integrates purification and heating. Relying on the unique function of “empty bladder water filling”, it realizes boiling at one time, which enables users to stay away from boiling water, improves the safety level of “family drinking water”, and also changes the “quality” of life comfort.The water can be clean and hot water, not only to meet the usual drinking water needs, with 1.8L per minute of large flow of hot water, but also to meet in the kitchen cooking, soup, hot water, fast and large volume.Patented high-end temperature control faucet can intelligently control the setting of three different temperatures of “98℃, 90℃, 80℃” for boiling water, to meet the user’s demand for boiling water in 98℃ black tea, 90℃ coffee, 80℃ green tea and other scenes, and even stay up late at night to work, watch TV, play games, at any time to make a cup of noodles can also be done with one button, providing users with more drinking convenience.Can’t let a person ignore is, this black technology product is still an excellent water purifier.It is equipped with A.O. Smith’s core patent MAX3.0 reverse osmosis filter element, which can remove viruses, heavy metals and antibiotics for 3 years with excellent water quality and long-term safety.The kitchen scene is installed under the cabinet, so that the kettle, thermal insulation pot, cold water cup and other equipment completely disappear from the table.Need not boil water, not only liberate the hand of lazy people, still released the mesa space of this kind of common door of small kitchen, mesa is relaxed and neat.Many foreign friends who have lived in China for a long time have to praise “The boiling water in China is amazing”. If the thermos realizes the freedom and convenience of boiling water, then this magic ware realizes the control and domination of the life of “boiling water”. Why not take such a magic ware home quickly?Drinking a cup of boiling water with historical temperature at any time and anywhere also makes our life full of pride and warmth.* For effective removal of heavy metals from water, see the product details page;A.O. Smith patented reverse osmosis membrane can effectively filter MS2 phage virus data from SGS test report ShafNG131207317C-S1