How to live younger?

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In reality, you will find that some people of the same age seem to be specially treated by the years, with almost no traces of the years left on their faces, while some people are young and have a face of vicissitudes of life. The reason is largely derived from whether they have a healthy body. Why do you say so?There are three reasons for “a” because health is the source of happiness is fundamental, is the base of life, want to realize their own dream, want to love my husband and children, want to filial piety in-laws, want to enjoy life, you will leave the have a healthy body, so smart women are investment in health, make a healthy appreciation, confused women like to overdraw the health,Let the body damage “2” health is the guarantee of let oneself have a independent working women want to live with dignity, confident, have happiness, must achieve economic independence, no matter what misfortune experience, the ability to earn money you will not be taken from you want to career development, however, the premise is inseparable from a “healthy” 2 words, so a healthy body,Help your career to get a good development, with economic security, you can achieve wealth freedom, buy the best cosmetics, buy high-quality clothes, do the best skin care, such a woman is not young are difficult “three” the premise of personal happiness is also inseparable from health if you want to ask a long illness what is happiness?She would answer without hesitation:”Health”, because only with health, you can eat the delicacies you want to drink the nectar you want to drink, do what you want to do please only with health, you will have a positive attitude towards people and things, in order to establish a good interpersonal relationship, in order to be able to not care too much, in order to have a good attitude,Learn to put down a lot of things so smart women know how to cherish health, careless of women like to use health, in return for a thing apart, with life in exchange for endless troubles “three” family happiness without health health when it comes to nature it is the responsibility of the family, is the silent intangible to family love, also is the best offer for your family,If you lose your health, not only will you be miserable and unhappy every day, but it will drag down your family. If a family is under a dark cloud for a long time, how can there be a happy and warm atmosphere?Therefore, having health is the foundation of a happy family. If you have a happy family, you will naturally appear young.Want to have a healthy that would have to do the following “a” personality not too strong, can do nothing to pursue perfect personality is strong, the pursue is perfect, it is a good woman must have one of the conditions of less, but all things have to regularly, if is too competitive, and the pursuit of perfect, give oneself add invisible pressure, let your spirit is in a state of a tight all day,This will seriously affect their physical and mental health, but also lose happiness, so it will affect your color, a face sallow, with dark circles under the eyes, mental exhaustion of the person, how beautiful?How young?This will only accelerate the speed of aging so learn to show weakness, learn to put down, to learn that not everyone is the top man, also not everyone can become the most successful people, all try to good, only in this way can you relax, happiness will be more and more “2” is too depressed, learn to vent their emotions in life goes wrong things too much,Outgoing thick line, may be okay tempers, ramble about ramble about the most worrying is the kind of idea is exquisite, like, like to put things in the heart of arbitrary fermentation that introverted person, such people, once met some unhappy things, like to suppress it in the in the mind, emotions without anger, it is easy to affect the health of your kidneyYou may find that depression type introversion character, most have various spots on the face, and his face dark yellow so such a woman, when the mood to, if you are afraid of the mood affect the others, can find a quiet remote places, allow yourself to cry or shout out, you will find that cry to shout after heart to be happy a lot,This is good for your body health, health you will have a good look, you will look young.”Who lies near the ink black”, long and full of negative energy family, relatives, friends and colleagues together, will make you exhaustion of body and mind, not happy, so want to understand a truth to the rest of my life is very expensive, must be with people and get along comfortable rough person’s life will encounter all sorts of things, such as old woman daughter-in-law relation, family disputes, work in SIMS.If these messages exist in your mind for a long time, they will make you nervous and do great harm to your physical and mental health. Therefore, it is wise to learn to let go of them. Today’s knowledge sharing is here, thank you friends!