Is there a link between life expectancy and weight?Over the age of 60, this weight may be just right

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# # Xia Fang health guide is now a thin as the beautiful age, young people are pay attention to lose weight, actually for lean fat old friends, they also walked on the way to lose weight, because everybody knows, if the body is too fat, it is easy to suffer from high symptoms, but many people are blind to lose weight,I don’t know which weight level is normal.Especially for those over 60 years old, if they lose weight blindly at this age, it may lead to decreased resistance and immunity, but if they do not control their weight, they are overweight, which is also easy to cause various diseases.First of all, we need to make it clear that over the age of 60, the most concerned about the old friends is not their weight, but the problem of health, it is because of the health of the body to pay attention to the problem of weight, because weight and disease is also closely related.Why are they related?This is mainly from metabolism, leading to the rise in weight is the accumulation of fat, fat is the body’s excessive storage of energy, if there is too much fat in the body, can not be consumed in time, will bring trouble to the body.
If the metabolism of fat in the body is abnormal, it will affect the metabolism of carbohydrate and protein in the body, and the metabolism of the three nutrients will affect each other, which will eventually bring great trouble to the health of the body.Have cardiovascular viscera weight, if not controlled, can increase the incidence of cardiovascular disease, organ metabolism would also be affected, although weight may be a small factor, but if more weight than normal range, everybody is on high alert, could be one of the biggest security hidden danger.In fact, anti-aging is an eternal topic for both male and female friends. If the weight management of elderly friends is not in place, they will also age earlier. The aging process is actually a slow down of the body’s self-renewal rate, and this process takes several years.But if you don’t take care of your diet and rest, this process accelerates and affects your metabolism.If the excessive accumulation of fat in the body, it will lead to the reduction of antioxidant factors in the body, the antioxidant capacity of the body’s blood vessels, tissues and organs, which is the indirect acceleration of aging.Obesity also affects cardiovascular health, increasing the rate of oxidation of blood vessels, which will accelerate the aging rate of the body.After age 60, that’s probably the right weight to maintain so what is the right weight to maintain after age 60?In fact, there is an internationally recognized calculation method: weight (kg)/height (m) 2= BODY mass index (BMI), for example: weight 50kg, height 160cm, BMI calculation is: 50/1.6*1.6=19.53.According to this calculation formula, the normal weight of adults should be between 18.5 and 25. If it is over 25, it means overweight. If it is over 30, it means mild obesity, if it is over 35, it means severe obesity, and if it is over 40, it means very severe obesity.Unchecked, it can put a great strain on the cardiovascular system and internal organs.Of course, the basic metabolism of the elderly gradually decreases with the increase of age, so the standard of the elderly cannot be the same as that of the young, and the BMI of the elderly should be kept at 20~26.9 as far as possible.If you want to control your weight after the age of 60, it is natural to impose exercise, because when you get older, your metabolism is relatively slow. If you don’t exercise after eating a meal, it will easily lead to the accumulation of calories.Elderly friends can not carry out some strenuous exercise can choose some moderate intensity exercise, such as playing tai Chi, walking, riding a bicycle and so on.Correct bad habits now a lot of the elderly has some bad eating habits of life, thinks he is keeping in good health, can damage in the body, if often stay up late often binge eating, or eat more rich food, often eat some Fried class class or pickled pickles, these are not conducive to health.Only when we have enough sleep can our spirit become better and better. If we stay up late for a long time, it will lead to endocrine disorders, which will affect the basic metabolism, so that the toxins and garbage in our body can not be discharged in time, and it is easy to lead to obesity.Conclusion: Compared with the young, the elderly should control their weight more strictly. After all, the basic metabolism slows down, and it is easy to increase obesity if we do not pay attention to it. I hope that obesity will not become a burden for us when we get older.