(Are you sick?)

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(you have disease) end Chu Mingyun: Naoki xu Su Shiyu: Chen Zhang Taikang Qin Zhao: asawak Du Yue: sheep son Chen Siheng: Li Hanlin Li Yanzhen: Ling Fei Yue Yuxuan: Xia Mi dust Su Shiyu, generation of loyal officials of the emperor, he is as gentle as jade, every gesture is elegant, he wears white clothes, all show elegance.Can be a very person, how simple.He seems to be gentle but distant.But if a man is not a plant, how can his mind be like a stone?Chu Mingyun, the appearance of evil tai Wei adult, the devil on the battlefield, xiongnu’s Nemesis.Pretend to cut off your sleeve, get married and cut off your sleeve.With Wolf ambition, people are afraid of his vicious, but he always has a fiery heart.A cavity tenderness, only for one person.The two were officials in the same dynasty, but on opposite sides.A family, let Chu Mingyun found the strength of su Shiyu, not like on the surface, there is a secret force.To probe the power of su aboveboard, Chu planned a trial: spread the gossip of short sleeve, take the initiative to show love confession, when die together give one’s life to save, it is visit frequently at night, make meet opportunity…In the face of Chu’s pursuit, reason tells itself: this is not true, he has a purpose, to restrain yourself.Two people, both believe that “no love, no harm”!But that’s what love is. It melts into flesh and blood.The most painful is the one who loves first.When Su became aware of her own psychology, although she gave away her most important jade ornament, she missed her heart with the thought that “whether he cares about me or not is different from whether I care about him or not”, but she did not expect to receive feedback. Nevertheless, when Du Yue came to tell her that the jade ornament she gave him was dropped, did she feel a little bitter?Chu Mingyun falls jade after, say not to mind on the mouth, but when its pick it up, and carry when, he Cenge is not the love to Sue, just have not found.After time and time again, when I said “it’s over”, I realized whether I was disappointed and helpless about the future after falling in love with Sue.