A small name tag contains the word “Vientiane”. E-village Wisdom Makes digital name tags for Winter Olympics volunteers

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In the athletes’ village during the 2022 Beijing Olympics volunteer workers are wearing and carry a “black” of science and technology of digital and traditional printing badges badges are different it is a “wisdom badges” made of electronic ink display can automatically identify black and white red trichromatic showed 10 seconds to complete personalized match with science and technology innovation power games experience a number breastplate is from Beijing by the open area”Under the guidance of Beijing Science and Technology Commission, we specially customized the smart digital name tag solution for this competition, which is the first time that such digital application appeared in a world-class ice and snow event.”Beijing Oriental said.Compared with ordinary ELECTRONIC ink screen, the 3.7-inch electronic ink screen can not only present black and white pictures, but also add red display to break the dull feeling of black and white electronic screen in the past. Color change is only the foundation, and the embedded technology of display screen is the key.”We develop a set of artificial intelligence algorithm, through the exclusive APP software can freely edit text and text content combination, to achieve mass information quickly refresh,” said the person in charge.Not only that, the smart filter algorithm in the software can also transform photos into vector pictures, users can set according to the image granularity, clarity and other dimensions;Portrait matting algorithm can also automatically identify portrait photos matting, the whole process makes “brush” more simple and interesting.At the same time, in order to achieve the fast matching recognition of users and the breastpiece, jingdong will digital breastplate and get through the NFC mobile phone function, only need to gently touch, the breastplate and mobile phones can finish editing content transmission, in the end, the volunteer workers are taken from the card, credit card to the card only need 10 seconds, digital breastplate also implements the recyclable use again.”A number of technological innovations have also boosted the experience of volunteers.”The chief said.Boe digital name card adopts “passive” design, which eliminates the built-in battery and does not need wiring to charge. It can use the NFC function of mobile phone to communicate and get power.The built-in e-ink screen can also achieve extremely low frequency flash to maximize eye health.In addition, the digital tag can also be washed with water. The body is made of medical antibacterial materials, which can continuously escort the health of volunteers during the 53-day event. The single weight is only 35g, realizing the innovative experience of “no sense to wear” and “green and healthy” integration.Innovation does not take a day. Behind the rapid development of digital name tags, BOE has accumulated many years of technology.”Previously, we have been deeply engaged in the field of electronic price tags and signage for many years, providing soft and hard integration solutions based on paper-like eye protection display in smart office, retail and other scenarios.”The chief said.In the field of smart office, boe, based on the innovative IoT platform, can remotely update multi-objective display contents including intelligent conference door plate and table card with one click, saving paper and labor cost and greatly improving office efficiency.In major shopping malls and supermarkets, boe’s electronic price tags can also update display information with one click, providing digital inventory management solutions.Relying on the new-generation information industry of Beijing Economic development Zone, BOE has grown rapidly and become an epitome of the “Wisdom of E-Zhuang” in the Winter Olympics.”In recent years, we have continued to use the ‘Screen of Things’ to empower various application scenarios. The application of digital name tags in international top ice and snow events is just the beginning of many more innovative technologies, including this one, which will be more widely used in large-scale events and events.”The person in charge said.