What goals have you set for yourself at the start of the New Year?A few good habits to share with you

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Time is always in a hurry, just discussing the New Year, the New Year is in front of us.Life is too short, a year is too close, we can resist the passage of time, can not escape the fingers of time, on the way to old, let us be with health.What goals have you set for yourself in the New Year?What wish do you have that you want to achieve?Turn over the late night, go to bed early a good night’s sleep, the next day natural spirit one hundred times, work efficiency is also high, and sleep at night, stay up is not only time, consumption is actually their own health, damage is their own immune ability.In the old year of 2021, many people have turned themselves into late sleepers by staying up late, wearing the most expensive cosmetics, staying up late at night at the least efficient, watching meaningless videos and fighting eyes with their eyelids open.In fact, sleep, is the most direct impact on a person’s physical and mental health.Sleep half an hour later, an hour later, and double or more the next day to make up for it.Every stay up late, it is the health that is in overdraw oneself, perhaps short time does not have an effect, can be in some day some hour suddenly however the cost that stays up late places in front of you.Last year, I had a conversation with a good friend. He said that one of his relatives had a cerebral infarction one day when he was very young. Fortunately, some people around him found it in time and rescued him, but it also affected his hand and foot behavior to some extent.What caused it, I asked?How can you have a cerebral infarction at such a young age?A: His relatives often stay up late.Staying up late may not be entirely the cause, but at least it’s a contributing factor.Stay up one less night, is to give their health more protection.Early to bed, early to rise, starting today.Quit inertia, read more and study more.Su Shi in “and Dong Chuan farewell” wrote: coarse zeng big cloth wrapped career, abdominal poetry gas from China.It is said that Dong Chuan lived a poor life and dressed simply. However, because he liked reading books and also read poems and books, he was full of knowledge and elegant temperament.Reading is the best way for ordinary people to enrich themselves. By reading more and learning more, you can become a knowledgeable, thoughtful, interesting and thoughtful person.In this way, you will have the confidence to avoid anxiety and anxiety in the competitive society. Being calm is the best reward for your body.Reading, let us forget the troubles, can calm down, filter out the noise around, and their own mind dialogue, in the black and white world of self-cultivation, relax yourself.Maybe reading one or two books won’t change anything, but when you get into the habit of reading books regularly, you will find yourself changed, you will find that you see things from a different perspective, and you will have a different world outlook on treating people and doing things.You, on the other hand, will no longer be your angry, cranky self, and you will find that you can manage your emotions very well.Get up and move more.We always say, where there’s life, there’s movement.But in the process of implementation, it often becomes a slogan for friends to ridicule each other, a flagpole to set goals for themselves.In fact, exercise is the cornerstone of good health and the cure for many of the blues, depression and confusion in our lives.When you are tired of work, when you are tired of reading and writing, when you are tortured by some anxiety of life, might as well put down everything, go out and move.A little bit of sweat, let the body of the various organs coordinated movement, play their respective functions.To use a bad analogy, the body is like a machine, and every organ in the body is like every part of the machine. Only when you use it more often can you avoid rust and run smoothly.Lack of exercise for a long time, fat, fat accumulation, body function in a very low level, all kinds of diseases are easy to take the opportunity to tangle up.And long-term effective regular exercise, not only healthy and energetic, energetic spirit, rosy face full of youthful spirit.Let sports bring you into the year of the Tiger and make you a vigorous and energetic person.To live is to love yourself, and stop saying I’m too busy to eat.Your body is yours, and you can’t buy it. No matter how busy you are, don’t forget to prepare meals for yourself.Get up 15 minutes early every day and prepare yourself a nutritious breakfast. Only when you have a full breakfast can you have the energy and spirit to face the day’s work and finish the day’s tasks efficiently in a full state.Don’t let hunger defeat yourself, don’t give yourself a stomach disease, when you fall ill, you will find that your work can be replaced, the world without you, does not affect his normal operation.Eat less take-out, eat less those who satisfy the appetite but harm the body’s high oil, high sugar, salt and fat food, these food only satisfy your taste buds hunger, but it is the enemy of your health, it is easy to make people fat.Accumulated in the body of those high oil, calories, fat, over time, eventually become a burden, become a health killer.Three meals a day, do not have to be big fish meat or delicacies, proper collocation, meat and vegetables, red and green alternate, eat grains and cereals, live an ordinary life, do simple people.Life is short, past past, 2022, love yourself well, love yourself well, do not have a disease.No nostalgia for the past, no fear of the future, every day to health, every day to enrich, every moment to happiness.