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February 24, jinshan district hospital and garrison garrison joint construction signing ceremony held.The pairwise joint construction agreement signed at the scene clarified the content and plan of joint construction, which will effectively improve the health management ability of officers and soldiers, effectively enhance the standardized construction of hospitals under the jurisdiction, realize the complementarity of military and civilian resources and share advantages, further strengthen the affection of fish-water and create a strong atmosphere of mutual support.At the ceremony, jinshan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University and Jinshan Branch of Shanghai Sixth People’s Hospital, as the representatives of the hospitals under their jurisdiction, respectively signed a pair construction agreement with the representatives of the garrison troops.According to the agreement, hospitals under the jurisdiction of the PLA garrison will provide “six priority medical services” such as priority registration, consultation, examination, laboratory tests, payment of fees and medicine collection, open green channels, regularly hold health lectures on emergency treatment, and carry out activities such as medical and medicine delivery and physical examination for troops, and provide family doctors.”We also know that soldiers in the summer will have some skin disease problems due to training, we will organize dermatology doctors regularly according to the situation at this time, to give them medical consultation and free diagnosis, popularize health knowledge, and do our best to do this work.”Said Shi Weihong, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Jinshan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University.At the same time, the garrison troops will give full play to the advantages of joint construction and cooperate with the hospitals under their jurisdiction to carry out patriotism education, national defense education, revolutionary tradition education and code of conduct education, so as to add new content to the spiritual civilization construction of the health system.Shen Jie, a staff member of Jinshan District Double support Office, said, “The army mainly carries out military knowledge publicity and national defense education for hospitals, and can also invite medical staff into the barracks to participate in one-day activities in the barracks.Through these activities, the discipline and teamwork of hospital medical staff are mainly cultivated to build a higher quality medical team.”After the ceremony, the site also carried out a double support free clinic activities, covering orthopedics, traditional Chinese medicine, ophthalmology and other services, attracting a lot of soldiers in the garrison to consult.Zhang Xingxing, a soldier in the garrison, told reporters: “JUST now I asked the doctor about the symptoms of restless sleep and insomnia. The doctor gave me some advice. I want to try it at night.”Source: I Jinshan