Ning county root treatment arrears migrant worker wages work leading group meeting held

2022-06-24 0 By

January 26, Ning County Party Committee, Deputy county magistrate E Haifeng presided over the county root arrears of migrant workers wages work leading group meeting.At the meeting, the county people and Social security Bureau responsible comrades briefed the county in the near future to eradicate unpaid work situation, and read out the “resolve unpaid clues problem responsibility list”.E Haifeng pointed out that ensuring the payment of migrant workers’ wages is not only a major livelihood issue, but also a major political responsibility, especially as the Spring Festival is approaching, the situation of eradicating wage arrears is more serious.He stressed that all the villages and towns and departments should fully recognize the ready to effect a radical cure the extreme importance of unpaid work, strengthen the sense of urgency, the sense of responsibility and the sense of crisis, the idea of the bottom line, adhere to the problem oriented, deeply analyze the reason, pressurized, precise ShiCe actively, to break the difficulty and plugging point, constantly promote the county radical new results were obtained in unpaid work.We should continue to promote the construction of “standardized” construction sites, constantly standardize the market order in the construction field, comprehensively improve the level of “information” management, and ensure the implementation of various systems.We should focus on key areas, key industries, key enterprises and key projects to carry out investigations and solutions to hidden dangers.To clear rights channels, and fully accept migrant workers to report complaints, the villages and towns, the relevant departments to enrich the work force, transferred is composed of specialized personnel work program, continuously intensify case to handle, layer upon layer to strengthen the responsibility, establish and improve the supervisory work, the classes parameter case, make sure every case of back pay someone at the office, someone to follow up and completed on schedule.We should adhere to the bottom-line thinking, firmly establish a sense of risk prevention and control, timely collect relevant information, make full use of wage payment management platforms and other means to strengthen early warning, and promptly investigate and punish those who find wage arrears.The winter special campaign to eradicate unpaid wages should be taken as a test of the results of the Party history study and education “I do practical things for the people”, and close cooperation and coordination should be strengthened to form a joint force of joint efforts and joint management to ensure that the majority of migrant workers have a good year.