Ministry of Ecology and Environment: carry out investigation and rectification of potential risks of environmental emergencies

2022-06-24 0 By

China News network on April 7According to the official wechat message of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the Ministry held a national video conference on environmental safety on April 7, and made arrangements for the investigation and rectification of potential risks and prevention and control of environmental safety risks.According to the meeting, local governments should focus on high-risk enterprises, such as those involved in heavy metals, hazardous wastes and hazardous chemicals, industrial parks, water sources and mines with many problems left over from historical pollution.With a view to preventing nuclear and radiation safety risks, a three-year campaign has been launched to identify potential nuclear and radiation safety hazards.According to the local reality, the investigation and rectification work plan should be formulated scientifically, and the specific content and promotion measures should be clarified.We need to carry out scientific investigations, consolidate the responsibility of enterprises, establish a ledger of risks and hidden dangers, and clarify the time limit, responsible departments, and responsible persons for rectification.We should adhere to closed-loop management, promote the implementation of the rectification within the time limit, and ensure that the comprehensive rectification is completed.Ecological and environmental departments at all levels should adhere to systematic thinking, consciously incorporate safety development into the whole process of ecological and environmental protection work, including the formulation and revision of laws and standards, environmental risk assessment of construction projects, and environmental supervision and law enforcement, and coordinate with other departments, the meeting said.