It’s so cute!Gu Ailing is too hungry, eat gold medal eat steamed stuffed bun!People’s Daily: Is it delicious? Haha

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Gu Was a shoot-out for a medal after falling behind in the first two rounds. She could have taken an easier move that would have guaranteed her a medal, but might not have won gold.However, Gu Ailing chose to challenge herself, and she was very courageous. Moreover, Gu Ailing perfectly performed 1620 ultra difficult movements, and landed steadily without any mistakes.Gu was so excited that even she couldn’t believe her success in her first attempt and celebrated with a fist fight with The International Olympic Committee’s Jenson Button to win her first Olympic gold medal.It is worth mentioning that this event is not gu Ailing’s strong point, but she beat many world-class players, is really very good.Gu Ailing has a big heart and has fulfilled her dream by winning the gold medal on the stage of the Winter Olympics.Gu Ailing is a girl with a very forbearing personality. She is only 18 years old this year and has already won the Olympic Champion, which is admirable. She has been delivering positive energy and is a model for everyone to learn.After the match, A smiling Gu told the media that she was so hungry and tired that she would have a good meal and sleep.It can be seen that Gu Is very excited after winning the gold medal. She has spent too much time preparing for it. Now she can have a good meal.Before long, Gu had a big meal.According to a video released by People’s Daily, Gu is seen biting into her Olympic gold medal with her big teeth, and then eating a large steamed stuffed bun, which looks delicious but may be hungry.”You can ask Gu Ailing if the gold medal tastes good,” the People’s Daily said, adding a “lol” emoji.Earlier, The People’s Daily published more than a dozen news posts celebrating Gu’s comeback win, which excited state media and delighted Chinese audiences.Gu’s great achievement helped China win a precious gold medal in also praised Gu Ailing, praising her winning the gold medal in the Winter Olympics as a historic moment.But the Beijing Winter Olympics official said, such gu Ailing who does not love?Gu has become one of the most popular athletes in China, and she is considered a goddess by many.Gu Ailing also has strong personal strength and is a student with excellent grades in every sense of the word. This is the perfect woman in everyone’s mind.Gu will continue to compete for the second gold medal in the Olympic Games in the future. I hope she can achieve more achievements, and everyone will always cheer for Gu.