Dry full a month through ten million!What “big deal” are these nine doing in Haimen?

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01 and male master gear “password” yancheng zhao mou early in guangzhou sports meeting designed to be “run” friend knew that runs points transfer to others is very profitable early December 2021 zhao mou was poor then the evil thoughts take the initiative to contact the friends friends told him to buy a mobile phone and other equipment will also zhao mou to pull into the special “based on” JiaJing on a fixed IP to zhao mou for the loginRun points instruction address zhao mou thus opened the “run” new vision 02 “I” rooted in haimen zhao mou haimen friend a measurement at the base is located in haimen mid-december zhao mou and rush to haimen rent of yancheng, woo helper, staff training, qi qi a whole run “studio” opened on to staff involved in the “run” for 800 yuan per person per dayFixed wages “Canon” for selling CARDS provide high commission zhao mou, transfer 0.8% of the total water commission opened less than a month “run” ZouZhang water as high as more than 1000 ten thousand yuan profit 100000 yuan 03 opened less than a month by end this side of the whole money earned is hi all don’t know they had targeted by police in haimen in early January, haimen police in carrying out “two card” verification workSuccessfully read out on January 13, zhao mou gang haimen police will also draw nine people, including principal zhao mou, captured in four named haimen cadastral scene seized the bank CARDS involved 73 ‘mobile phones and computers and two on January 19, prompt zhao mou launched a scene captured police don’t get lured into unrealistic high profits on the network,Do not rent out your identity information, personal account number, payment account and so on at will for the sake of profit. Once it is used for fraud, online gambling, money laundering or other illegal crimes, it will become an accomplice in the crime and be investigated for legal responsibility according to law.Material source: Haimen Public Security micro police