A thousand years by the treatment of “damp cervical spondylosis”!When the humidity goes away, the neck doesn’t hurt

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Sometimes, I ask myself, how on earth to better share those classic good things to everyone.After thinking about it, I think the most important thing is the word “true”.Authenticity means no exaggeration or affectation.As long as this can better reflect its original value and representative significance, but also more thought-provoking, worth learning.Now, LET me tell you a typical story.There is such a man, 61 years old, is a just retired old teacher.About a year ago, I suddenly felt dizzy and sore in my neck.Check to the hospital, discovery is cervical spondylosis.What to do?The hospital recommends physical therapy for the neck.However, no matter how we do it, the effect is not good.There was no way, so he decided to try it.Engraving, the patient saw thick white tongue coating, smooth pulse, light fat tongue.In addition to neck pain, feeling dizzy, also accompanied by palpitations, shortness of breath, cough and other symptoms.So a match was issued.Prescriptions: alisma alisma 150, Atractylodes atractylodes atractylodes 100, Magnolia officinalis, Atractylodes atractylodes, glycyrrhiza glycyrrhiza, Bupleurum chinense and Almond 10 each.As a result, 9 drugs were used to relieve vertigo, neck pain, palpitations and other adverse feelings.After that, another 15 doses were given and the symptoms were further reduced.In the end, the whole person hale and hearty, completely back to normal life.Now, let me break it down for you.Look at this man. His tongue is white and thick, his pulse is smooth, and his tongue is light and fat. Isn’t this a real symptom of phlegm and dampness?The spleen is not wet, it is easy to block the meridians, rise to the neck, will feel acid swelling, pain.It went up to his head, which is why he got dizzy.As for palpitation, shortness of breath, cough and so on, it is caused by heart and lung on phlegm drinking.What to do?Very simple – is to remove dampness phlegm.The compatibility scheme used here is actually the addition and subtraction of the ancient Formula ze Xie Soup.Among them, Alisma, li water in addition to drink, atractylodes macrocephalus spleen system water.On the basis of these two, magnolia officinalis and Atractylodes atractylodes are added to strengthen the spleen and control water.Almond open lung qi, regulating waterways, phlegm and moisture excretion more smoothly.Bupleurum can promote the middle qi.It and alisma alisma, the lowering of the nature of the formation of cooperation, to achieve the purpose of falling before rising.Of course, everyone has a different constitution, so the usage and dosage are different.And, not all cervical spondylosis, vertigo, are suitable for the above method.Therefore, the compatibility and experience of the article, readers need to draw on the dialectical guidance of professionals, not mechanically mechanically.